Friday, February 27, 2009


After the snow abated a bit the roads were snowless, so I drove to the Queen Anne Starbucks for a tall drip and a slice of lemon loaf. yumm.
When I embarked on the return journey to SCCC, I mentally counted my money and realized that I didn't have enough to park there.
So I went in search of a US Bank.
It wasn't till I drove halfway home again that I found a bank with a parking lot.
I'd feel a bit foolish paying for parking in order to get money to park at school.
Anyway, I got back to Capitol hill, parked the Prius in the SCCC's garage and strolled Broadway for a half-hour until class time.
The 2violin concerto sounded much better listening to it there, which is unusual.
I guess I already did the "OMG, this is crap" panic at home.

Then, today I once again dared the outside world.
This time, it was to search for a small quantity of Portland cement for the roof leak.
The theory being that if you sprinkle the stuff on the roof, the water will carry the stuff through the leak and stop it up.

That's sorta what I did with the garage leak on the Q.A. house.

I drove to three different hardware stores but they don't sell it that way any more.
There are all sorts of special mixes for specific purposes but no "just plain Portland cement".
Unless you want a 92 pound sack.
Which I just might go for.

After I got back from that debacle, M wanted to go to her sisters' place to pay back the cost of the ticket to the sewing event.

On the way there we stopped at Coulon Park for some IVAR'S fish & chips and a walk along the waterfront.

Nice day.

Sister wasn't home.

When I got back here, I decided it would be a good idea to test Fidelio and see if the repairs would work properly.
Which, with a touch of adjustment, they did.
So I'm ready to fly.

Also I wanted to get s ride in for the month, at least one a month for the year.

And I also obtained a 15 speed trail bike from a Bro-in-law that need a shakedown cruise.

So here's the specs

Distance...........................1.3 miles
Time on the trail............13 minutes
Average speed................6.4 mph
Maximum speed.............26.4 mph
Total odometer miles.....1164



Blogger butch said...

For those of us who do not live in or near Renton:

Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park

1201 Lake Washington Boulevard North

Hours: 7:00 a.m. to Dusk

Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park (originally Lake Washington Beach Park) consists of 55 acres of land and water at the southeast corner of Lake Washington. The park offers a unique opportunity for water-related recreational enjoyment. Animals, alcohol, rollerblades, and bike touring are not allowed at Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park. Bikes must yield to pedestrians and stay on the roadway. Enjoy Clam Lights, Kids Fishing Derbies, Annual 4th of July festivities, and the Kidd Valley Summer Concert Series at Coulon Beach Park. For additional information, call the Renton Community Center at 425-430-6700. View a map with picnic shelter locations and parking lots.

The swimming beach at Coulon Beach Park opens for the season in mid-June. Lifeguards will be on duty daily from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. through Labor Day.

And dat's da name of dat tune, as Vinnie might have said. Glad to hear you have reheard your 2violin concerto, for more than likely it deserves to be heard by the rest of us, enit.

Posting some of Sherman Alexie's newest poems, I came across a "new" poetic form he was using on one of them, or five of them depending on how you look at, like radicalized haiku with gusto, the form lets one use three lines, break, three more lines, break, and one line for wrap-up and hook and zinger. I liked it, and promptly whipped out (5) sevenlings of my own. You ought to try the form. It is way cool.

Alex Shapiro is back, and mentioned going to Tacoma next week. Maybe I might bump into her. I would like that, having Alex come to the South Sound, and not having to go to Seattle mid-week or the San Juans to get a glimpse of her.

The plumber came today, and 885 clams later, the tub faucet is fixed fantastic. He had to tear into the wall in the adjoining closet, and do some plumbing and welding. He noticed one of our bathroom sinks is cracked. "I will fix that for 1,500 clams" he said. I smiled and sent him home.

Wow, to be forced to buy 92 pounds of Portland cement in order to use 5 is harsh. Maybe, though, in the future, one of your other roofs may leak.

The sun is out an there is Fidelio prancing, and snorting in her stall, ready to ride. If the bro-in-law's bike is a 15 speed, what is Fidelio, 10?


7:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fidelio is a 10-speed Peugeot.
The trail bike is actually a 21-speed.
Talk about wretched excess.
It's also too short for me.
I guess you're not supposed to sit down on the thing.
Which rules it out for my long-distance cruising.

Sherman also has a Fibonacci series poetic form.
Starting with one syllable, each line is the sum of the syllables of the line before.

I'm more or less planning to go to Alex's performance in Tacoma on the 6th.

If God's willingness and riparian flux cooperate.

I can't seem to log on to my own site unless I pretend to be anonymous.
So this is really me, not just some cheese encrusted taco

........Kay Cedilla


5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane & Readers,
Now, I'm back in dem Vaterland, Land of Umlauts (Ö) and S-Zets (ß).
But in your land, you probably would have not run out of funds if you had eaten/drank @ Cafe Ladro (there IS one on Capitol Hill, not far from SCCC), rather than Star-(out for)-bucks.
Anonomann (+LL)

1:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Glenn!
Reading about your Starbucksesque plumber makes me understand how the one (?"Joe", the ?"Plumber"?) would have concern about having to pay taxes on over $250,000 income and would be a McCainite as a result!

1:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Glenn!
Reading about your Starbucksesque plumber makes me understand how the one (?"Joe", the ?"Plumber"?) would have concern about having to pay taxes on over $250,000 income and would be a McCainite as a result!

1:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Glenn!
Reading about your Starbucksesque plumber makes me understand how the one (?"Joe", the ?"Plumber"?) would have concern about having to pay taxes on over $250,000 income and would be a McCainite as a result!

1:48 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Wow, (3) responses from Anonomann, ditto in triplicate is cool. Sherman will be at Cornell University this Friday, March 6th, so what are you referring to. I think he will be in Seattle the next Friday the 13th though. Last February 6, he was in Tacoma, and I missed it cuz I didn't check his calendar. Are you going back in time, or what?

Had a quiet weekend, playing pinocle until the wee hours both Friday and Saturday nights with friends. Discovered that if one buys their own sealbeam, the folks at JivvieLube will put it in free. Washed my truck just in time for the rainstorm this morning. Did my research on BABETTE'S FEAST, watched it agsain in prep for our TFC screening of it this Friday. Get to go to Social Security office this morning at 9am to find out about Medicare, and make some choices. Should be fun.

Yeah, the Fibonacci form is odd, more prose than poem, but he is out there, on that old cutting edge, enit? I kind of liked the Sevenlings form though. I beats the dickens out of haiku for me. Some of Sherman's new poetry is pretty angry, rife with epithets and scatalogical references; pushing the envelope I guess.


5:55 AM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

And the 26 mph part? Was it absolute heaven???

8:24 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

I have one run with a 42mph hill.

That gets scary.

30 is enough.


1:23 PM  

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