Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Day

Started out to pile tools in the car and go to the rental to do something about the leak but firet, M wanted to drive to Auburn to pick up an air powered stapler she had ordered for the reupholstery project.
Finally found the place, picked up the tool, and headed home.
Only to find a note that she had left her wallet at the staple store.
So after we plugged the stapler in and determined that it worked, we went back to Auburn.
The tools were in the car so we headed up I-5 to the rental house which is near Northgate.

Dropped M off at a bead store and spent an hour scraping out rotted wood and resealing any place where it looked like the rain might get in.

But water leaks can be tricky and the last time this one acted up was over five years ago.
So who knows?

Later we watched "The Tailor of Panama" a John LeCarré story.

Good story.

Not so hot movie.
M continued to watch channel nine and "The Rain Man" w/ Dustin Hoffman and a bunch of Lamborghini Countachs, Ferraris and 47 Buick Roadmaster convertibles

I went up to bed due to an incipient headache.

From which slumber I was awoken my Meredith complaining of a severe pain in her side.
We ended up spending 5 hours in Virginia Mason's emergency room testing out all the disastrous possibilities and finding none.


Probably a muscle spasm.
A lateral charley horse.

Got some muscle relaxant meds and today she's better and snapping staples as we speak.


Blogger butch said...

Glad to hear that Meredith did not have a "serious" problem. Always a wonderful time is spent when you do 5 hours in an emergency room. Did you see any gunshot wounds or stabbings or mental illness cases? That usually goes along with the stay when you do it in any hospital in Tacoma.

I guess your non-repsonse to my inquiry regarding the Ana Cervantes concert meant you had not read about it, or had made these other plans? Have to check out Alex's site to read how it went.

This latest cold has got me stuffed up, and cranky. I enjoyed the three-day weekend; got lost of rest. My screening for THE MAN IN THE GRAY FLANNEL SUIT went well on Friday night. Saturday I just lie low and watched trash TV. Sunday we played cards with the kids, and went out to see GRAN TORINO, which turns out to be a weak film, full of terrible juvenile performances, and an almost credible one by Squint Eastwood, allowing himself to look 79 years old. Yesterday we got together with friends to go see Mickey Rourke in THE WRESTLER. It was a good film, perhaps done a bit too much in a documentary style. Both films have downer tragic endings, as did THE READER, and REVOLUTIONARY ROAD. Makes me wonder where the feel good dramas have all gone.

Now that I am abundantly aware of my cataract in my left eye, it makes a lot more sense why I have trouble seeing at night, and I am a lot more light sensitive, and my acuity has dropped measurably. Have to do something about it one of these days, or weeks.

What is being reupholstered at Rancho Redwing? Have you been doing stuff with guests Anonomann and L.L.?


5:56 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Per usual, I had my wires crossed about the concert containing some of Alex's work. It was last Thursday night, not Saturday. Perhaps you figured that out and were too kind ot point out my mistake. Thanks, I guess. Alex claimed that it went well. I do get mixed up much too easily these days, enit?


6:05 AM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Yes, glad she doesn't have anything more serious than a muscle pain, tho those muscle thigns can hurt like the devil. had one in my shoulder from a sleep-related incident and thought I was going to pass out from it. Couldn't even drive the car.

Rain Man! I go into my Rain Man mode to write my songs, good place to get one's mind to.

And I think I can hear the constructive schwapp, schwapp, schwapp of that stapler clear over here.

11:33 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Living room chairs.
I missed Alex's show because it was on the day I run around downtown and go to school.
that and the cold trip on the scooter tired me out.
One of the chairs is done perhaps I'll post pictures, that sounds exciting eh wot?
I've been hosting my own viral visitors and have been sleeping 24-7
M and LL went to a fabric store last week.
We've gone to a concert and swapped cooking dinners.
but mainly,I snooze or read books, which is pretty much the same as snoozing.
Cataracts? What don't you have?
Actually, M's pain persists.
Going to seek succor elsewhere
It's a lot like dealing with the gov't each place you go sends you somewhere else until you give up and learn to live with it.

12:05 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Oh, yeah there was no trauma at the e-room, unless you count being stuck with two episodes of the Bernie Mac show on the AM television.
After a few hours, I went to the kiddie section behind the fish tank and watched the security people through the curved glass.

12:09 PM  

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