Thursday, February 05, 2009

Ma non troppo

More about feelings

I've been getting a little flak from some of my readers about my statement "I don't do feelings"
In the first place, I never said I don't occasionally suffer the damn things.
I think of them as pets or pests, or the weather, or bowel movements, or some other form of disease.
Nothing you can do about them but ignore them.

They are of no practical value.
And almost always misplaced and useful (if useful is the appropriate word here) only for crowd control.
I like to stay away from crowds.

Unless it's a party.

As to separating "us" from the "animals", I would like to point out that the animals let their lives be ruled by their "feelings" and "emotions".
I mean, Fido, the damn vacuum cleaner does nothing to you except make noise.
But you whimper and hide.
Yet you still chase after itinerant automobiles often getting your ass kicked in the process.
You could even say that vegetables have feelings too.
If you prick a tree, does it not bleed.

Sometimes something sweet you can pour on a pancake.

The prime difference between us is intellect.
Which is the ability to ignore our little chemical imbalances and act rationally.

In other words it's the over-sized brain that allows to be "cool".
To chill out and step on the fuse rather than hiding under the bed.

Intelligence is also good for figuring out ways to screw each other out of stuff.

Or how to trick an animal into becoming food.

Or tricking the law into supporting excess prices on "recreational drugs" enough to buy politicians with the profits and protect the industry from the law.

By manipulating the feelings of the less intelligent masses.

But, mainly, intellect is used as for fantasy generation.

Fantastic things like "Faith" "Hope" "The Future" "Law and Order" "Justice" "God Told Me" "Fair Play" "I can Quit any Time" "Somebody is Interested in Reading This Crap"

My Flute concerto is about a flute, having suffered embarrassment, angrily retreating
into a manufactured fantasy world, cutting itself off from the realities of life on this this beautiful scumbag of a planet.

It ends on a note of success, leaving one to wonder if that success is not a profound and pathetic failure.

So, no, I don't do feelings.

Just one of my many sacrifices for the good of humanity.


Blogger butch said...

Yeah, your statement about not doing feelings did kick up a shitstorm of protest. Most of the commenters felt that you spend too much time camping out by that river Denial.

But gosh, now that you have very nicely explained your motivations, predispositions, and other stuff, your attitude is still out there somewhere in strange and rare air.

Yes, animals are ruled by their emotions and feelings, but do not forget about their instincts, their genetic memories and learned behavior. They say a mongoose makes a good pet, and you can domesticate lions and tigers and bears, but I wouldn't want to share a domicle with any of them. Think of poor Sigfred, or was it Roy?

Vegetables are plants, and yes, they do have feelings. Everybody knows that, enit? So be a sap, and don't get pricked, you old knarly thing you.

There is a theory, one that I am certain you are cognizant of, that dolphins have brains as big, or bigger than humans, that they swim through their environment with all the insights, joys, and sadness that we would, or do, but have no "hands" to change things, no way to intervene, to customize. So perhaps it is our oversize cranium and gray matter, and our opposable thumbs that make us monarchs of this plane of existance.

It does no good to just buy politicians, one has to buy cops and lawyers and lobbyists too, before they can move forward to rape the earth, or several billion people. Talk to the Bush family. They have it down pat.

Yes, there seem to be hordes of us who seem to be interested in reading your crap, the state of your mind, colon, and occipital lobe. As to faith, hope, the future, law and order, and God told me to do it, etc, they may be illusions, but are not necessarily fantasies. I guess it depends on the individual, their educational base, their IQ, their bank balance, and the car they drive, and the trophy wife that hangs on their arm.
As to "success", like happiness, it is just a moment's grace when you are not in pain or mired in conflict, manual labor, or constipation.

I don't understand why your manhood was called into question on your last posting. It is one of those unsolvable and insoluble mysteries that defy logic and logistics.

I am still kicking my own ass for missing Sherman Alexie last Monday. He has an appearance in Seattle soon, but it is on one of my TFC nights. Maybe you could take Meredith to it, and report to the rest of us.

Melva gets back from Atlanta late Saturday night. A few days without her are always stressful. She completes me, or some such shit. My son-in-law soldier will fly in from Colorado late tonight, and start to gather up wife and kids and belongings. They will drive off into the grayness and dampness on Tuesday morning, and then no more poopy diapers and screams that can curl your hair, no more dozens of toys under foot, no more food fights, no more Sprout TV, no more infantile gibberish, just the memories of six months of staying with us that will make indelible imprints in our hearts and minds for several weeks hence.

I am screened FAR FROM HEAVEN tonight at CSL. It really is a fine film, even if the director is a flaming fag.


6:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane und Glenn,
Feelings can be somethings wonderful -- if one doesn't get TOO carried away by them.
The LL loves it at your place!
Anonomann (+LL)

12:11 PM  
Blogger butch said...

Welcome Anonomann and his L,L.! Enjoy your stay at Rancho Redwing, aka Palmer Palace. My soldier son-in-law flew in safely last night. Melva flies back into Sea Tac tonight. Then it is party time for the weekend as we prep for grandkids and oldest daughter to depart to their new home in Colorado Springs.


12:15 PM  

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