Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sunny days, Leaky days

Looked nice out today, had a rental roof leak to look at, M had the nice car, so I decided to take Cecelia.
Cool, crisp air, relatively clear skies even a bit of warmth on my back at stoplights.
The leak is still a mystery, however, I may have to cut a hole in the ceiling to find it.
Actually it's not new, five years ago I thought we cured it but I don't remember how, or where it was.
So I'll just go looking.
Somehow it didn't leak during our big snow but waited for a little one to start it's dripping.

Nothing more to report today.


I see bicyclists on the road.


The orchestral piece formerly known as Cello Concerto is done, or at least I'm tired of listening to it, means the same thing.


I think I'll try a two-violin concerto next.


X-ept means 'used to be competent'
X-cuses, no longer swear words
X-pectation means to change your exercise focus

X-planation, obviously means 'to get off a plane'
X-cathedra, means 'having changed to a single hull'
X-pert, means to 'having changed your brand of shampoo'
X-actly, having given up on a career in the theater
X-zamination, to get rid of zamins
X-hume, stop listening to Ed
X-ile, to leave an island
X-caliber, to go back to real beer
X-onnerate, to return to offerating
X-quire, to be out of paper
X-semplify, getting Aimee McPherson out of your life
X-empt, having been thrown out of a Seattle rock museum
X-tent, to come home from a camping trip
X-tant, you're out of tants



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is X-plicate some sort of racial epithet?


3:38 PM  
Blogger butch said...

Yeah, yeah, I love it when you do your land baron, country squire duties. Do several mean dwarves and three trolls accompany you to keep the serfs under control? Hasn't this Bush disaster economy effected your rental income? I forget, do you have three rental houses, or 33?

I guess Cecelia is the old Volvo sta-wag? Amazing after 300,000 miles that she will fire up for you at all. Thought about you this morning, thinking of your busy driveway (less so these days). Some guy in Ballard who drinks too much had a four car pile up in his own driveway, all his cars. The city made him haul them all off. Now he can start over. Remember in the late 50's when we could buy a car for a 100 bucks or less. Now it costs that to go out to dinner.

I adored your X-files list and I promptly put it on FFTR, the Palmer poem of the month, enit?
I would like to add to it.....
X-amine means dead fish.
X-act means lethargy.
X-ample means too skinny.
X-asperate is a sweaty butt.
X-ceed means a growing plant.
X-cept means hard to swallow.
X-cerpt means out of Log Cabin maple syrup.
X-cess means indoor plumbing.
X-change means more of the same.
X-cipient means a swollen lip
X-cise means too big for you.
X-cite means a closed down blog.
X-claim is an old idea revisited.
X-clude means rapid brain fever.
X-cogitate means a reformed homosexual.
X-crete means lives in Greece.
X-cursion means your dog died.
X-ecute means butt ugly.
X-ecutive means dull scissors.
X-emplary means terrible flatulence.
X-hibit means losing your cool.
X-hort is a reformed prostitute.
X-istential is done by accident.
X-odermis is a kissing cousin.
X-odus is a vaccum cleaner.
X-onerate is more than nine.
X-orcise is an expando waist band.
X-otic is insect spray.
X-pand is a reformed beggar.
X-pansive is being effeminate.
X-pectorate is a boob judge in a bikini contest.
X-pense is a nickel.
X-pensive is being impetuous.
X-perience is being invisible.
X-piration is giving up being a pirate.
X-plain is a Volvo car.
X-plicit is a repaird tear in the back of trousers.
X-plode is a fast runner.
X-plorer is an old wife beater.
X-pose is an angry model.
X-press is a loose flap.
X-quisite is when you no longer seek the answer.
X-tension is being very relaxed.
X-tenuate is pretending not to be hungry.
X-terior is now a pure bred.
X-ternal is being disoriented.
X-tinguish is an old musical instrument.
X-tract is a new structure.
X-travagant is a very large person who now always stays at home.
X-trinsic is a barber who became a plumber.

That's all folks.


6:34 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Cecelia is the scooter.
The volvo is Leah.
Leah quit running during the big snow.
Fuel pump.
Might cost more to repair than we can get selling it.

12:21 PM  
Blogger kransberg-talvi said...

X-Communicated but in good company.

3:55 PM  
Blogger butch said...

Will you and Miss M be attending the concert done by Ana Cervantes, featuring an Alex Shapiro number entitled "Luvina"? Be a shame to miss supporting a fellow composer, enit? Don't know if she will be attending, or where the concert will be held.


6:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say, old stick, i believe you've got it Rong, Butch,
X-pence is a shilling.

Yrs Trly

.....Osmerfield Smythe-Billingsgerthwaithe

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
X-Perten = singers formerly engaged at the Volkstheater (=Peoples' Theater) in Rostock (Germany), where Hans Anselm Perten was the Generalintendant (= General Director).

3:10 PM  

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