Saturday, December 27, 2008


For me it was "Language Arts"*


Christmas day was a good time with the family and all the reads were clear except for the last block to Janet & Mack's, which afforded me the chance to do a little slippin'n'slidin'
Enough of that sort of thrill as I need anymore.
A block on the flat is sufficient.

For some reason, I got this "Nerf" 8 shot revolver that purports to fire luminescent sucker-tipped darts.
There seems to be no upper age limit on this sort of thing.

I did take some pictures.
None of 'em came out very well, however.

Best I can do for ya.
Thats Leah and Ruby.
Ruby's the short one.

This is Wyatt, he's Ruby's brother.

Then, later we watched Aleck Guinness give us his creepy interpretation of George Smiley in John Le Carré's "Smiley's People"

Friday opened with an unexpected desire to shovel snow.
Go figger.
After clearing the short bit of sidewalk in front of the house, I took a look over the edge of the precipice leading to the avenue and decided to clear the steps.
The 112 steps.
(That's one serious addiction)*
Actually M. counts the ramp between two sets of stairs as more stairs.
I don't agree with that.
Ramps have different names than stairs because they are different things than stairs.

So Hmmmph!

But 112 stairs does sound more dramatic than 112 stairs and a ramp.
Although I consider a ramp to be sort of an easing of effort and miss the break you get on a ramp when you call a ramp a bunch more stairs.

Then watched 66.666 percent of the precursor of "Smiley's People", "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy".

Now it's Saturday.
After having been awakened from our oatmeal-induced slumber by the thumping and bumping of a snow plow we decided to retrieve the Volvo and journey to the local Fred Meyers for food.

So now all the family's caballo's are back on the farm and the roads are clear enough.
La drama es finite.*

La comedie also.*

* These are the jokes


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!!!
Congratulations on your socially friendly act of clearing the 112 stairs (or Meredith's number) on the steep stairway down the hill!!!
Aller Achtung (=, oughly, "Highest

2:07 AM  

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