Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This is getting ridiculous

Robin in the apple tree

I was under the impression that the appearance of a Robin was a harbinger of SPRING!

This is not spring, in fact if it snows just a little bit more we might just have an actual winter around here for a change.
People are beginning to learn to live with this sprinkling of snow and some are actually driving sensibly.
Darwin has already selected out quite a few of the slow learners, so we should be alright for the trip to Edmonds for the family celebration.

Anyway Yesterday was a family event for M's side of the tree.

Yesterday I rolled out of bed at the usual 10:00 to find that the day's paper and the day before's paper were waiting.
About halfway through breakfast and the crossword puzzle, in-laws showed up with
This guy

In order to build
This house

This turned out to be a whole lot of messy fun for Meredith and Derrick.
But mostly for Meredith because Derrick got tired of the Gingerbread house after eating a significant share of the little candies.
So I got out the 2 cubic foot box of Legos (M told me to) and the rest of the day was spent snapping the things together.

Derrick build an oil tanker with a load of horses on deck, and other small bits, but most of the time was spent on a large and complicated space ship.
While I, not made for such things, read all the cartoons in the New Yorker's gigantic book of same.

Finally the parents showed up and suggested dinner out.
so we trunched (trudged through crunchy snow) down the hill to Cafe Vignole and had some very good Italian food.
And some very good Montepulciano and some very good Chianti.
It's nice to be able to walk home.

While we were gone the next door neighbors created a new addition to the Redwing gang.

Then we settled down to watch the first three episodes of John LeCarré's
"Smiley's people" on the telly.

Nice day.

By the way, I missed Judith's solstice party.
Stayed home and watched Brit comedy shows instead.
Not the same thing by far, but "Vicar of Dibley" is always a hoot.


Blogger Jannie said...

I LOVE THESE photo glimpses into The Real You. Beginning to think you're human like most of the rest of us, maybe not the god I'd assumed you to be.

Even gods snap legos together and eat Italian.

You gonna feed that robin?

Happy Festivus.

11:35 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Yes, thanks for the photos. Some day I will use our newish digital camera and learn how to download the pics and save them and post them to be cool like the rest of you. In the meantime I just paste other people's photos.

Your Christmas Eve party did look like a lark, and isn't it grand you looked at New Yorker cartoons rather than more music theory and like that. Most of our students were let go early for the holidays, so we left the office yesterday at 2pm. It was raining like hell, so the ice was turning into 8" of slush; which made driving on the side roads very dicey.

Middle daughter, Leslie, and hubby, Joel stayed here last night, and we had a huge family breakfast this morning while the two grandsons took over an hour opening their ton of new toys and books, big wheels, Honda straddling plastic ATV, super rocking horse with long fur and nine things it says and does when buttons are pushed, a mini-guitar that plays Eddy Emerald tunes, a toy computer, another toy phone, 13 huge stuffed toys, a Spider Man plane, a huge alphabet train, 9 dinosaurs, and like that. Ethan is 2 and Austin is 1; only in America. Our first Christmas at home in 12 years. We will have baked potato soup for dinner; can't wait.
Merry Xmas; nothing left by New Year's Eve now.


1:26 PM  
Blogger kransberg-talvi said...

Santa brought me a new digital camera for Xmas. I can't wait to take photos and begin a new career as a Music Critic. Heck, anyone can become one of those...

Doug, you want to join me?

Happy Holidays!

3:31 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

J. A god, pshaw!
Can gods pronounce Montepulciano?
I sure as hell cant!
Every time I even look at zabaglione, or menzognaro, I need at least two sessions with my shrink.
B. Eddy Emerald tunes? Does somebody own the copyright? I mean, did he have any heirs or assigns?
If so,then who?
This could be a significant episode in the legend.

M. Sure, where're we goin', the ends of the earth? Across the oceans wide? Starbucks @ Boston & Queen Anne?
I doubt I know enough about music to be able to make any kind of useful criticism.
I'm just here for the smart aleck
jibes and puns.
Desperate attempts to cover up my incompetence with a transparent pretense of incompetence.
You're supposed to think I'm kidding so as not to find out I'm really idiot enough to be president.
O.K. not that much.

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally I can comment on Lane's blog.


5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW, my name is AEtheria now.


5:03 PM  

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