Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just making it up as we goes along

I've just been over to Jannie Funster's place

  • Jannie Funster

  • leaving esoteric Finnegans Wake quotes.
    I spent an inordinate amount of time reading the infernal thing and am desperate to
    find some use for those temps perdu.

    Also I've been reading some of the father related comments from the kelp

  • Alex Shapiro, Kelp

  • So I thought I might as well remember all of mine, being as how I usually remember Mercer at this time of the year.

    So in order of appearance;

    Palmer, Phillip Carrol, Cowboy, pole climber for Puget Sound Power and Light (Reddy Kilowatt's gang)

    Johnson, Harold Orville, Farmer's son, small appliance repair, boxer, homosexual.
    taught me an interesting difference between hollywood fighting and the real thing.
    Coast Guard during WWII had a plaque in the shape of Iwo Jima.

    Mercer, Dean Chabreau, Fire boat pilot, Navy veteran, Pharmacist's mate on the California, survivor of the pearl harbor attack.

    Billman, ?,? Didn't ever get to know him, lived on Billman street in N. Las Vegas.
    Had some amazingly delicious scotch.
    Mom's fantasy rich guy. Didn't last long, turned out to be human, I guess.

    Col. William Chenoweth, survived the Bataan death march.
    Met him only once, lived in San Antonio. (nice river walk) (is that all there is to the Alamo?)

    Bob Means, humorist, air traffic controller, German-American Bund until Hitler started sounding weird, brewer, painter, author of, "All in all, a good Life" a tribute to his heroic wife Lois, who never was my mother-in-law.

    I lift a pint ta yez all!



    Blogger butch said...

    Thanks for the link to Jannie's place. Per usual I was blown away by the slickness and professionalism of the site, with promos and advertising links, and all the bells of whistles. But then I read the first posting and realized I was safe there, and gathered up the steam to leave a comment right alongside yours. Man, how many sites do you keep up with, and leave comments on? I have a hell of time just keeping up with like 5 of them, no six with Jannie's.

    Your salute to fathers and stepfathers and fathers-in-law was wonderful, man. Sometimes your sentimentality and heart overtake your wit and sarcasm, and the most touching things emerge; blinking in the light, not used to being exposed.
    Barry, out there on Alex Shapiro's site, really left a gem of a comment for her.

    Sometimes I am sad that I do not just have a blogsite that lets me rant and personalize my daily thoughts. FFTR stands alone as a citadel to collaboration and a tribute to poetry and good writing wherever I unearth it. 2,133 postings! My God, where do I find the time? Seriously though, it was a fine and generous thing you did last year when you presented me with that creative outlet, that gift. I would hug you the next time I see you, but you would probably sprout wood and then I would have to be ugly to you.

    The WV is now "itacroil"


    3:34 PM  
    Blogger Lane Savant said...

    So, what have we got so far?
    hytidi, dropijspoinjs, eadmyt, and kitici.

    We have a rhyme (of sorts) already.









    Its easy to get another site, go to Blogger dashboard and follow the directions.
    I, personally, would like to see more of your work anyway.

    5:36 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hallo, Lane + Meredith,
    I didn't know Bob Means was a member of the German Bund; Meredith and his biography of Lois never mentioned this.
    The LL sends her regards to you two and to Keth.

    2:50 AM  
    Blogger butch said...

    Just ventilating some, no need to try and maintain another blog. I figured out that I could start another, but I love the connection to FFTL, and your "sponsorship". You must be a proud uncle as it were. Please set up Jannie's site as a link on FFTR, if you find a moment. She drops in there and here often enough, and her site is a hoot.

    The WV here is "scheo"
    then "reaseac"

    3:24 PM  

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