Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I ride

Meredith said the sun would come out so I rode to Queen Anne Starbucks and had a tall drip I sometimes feel a little cannibalistic doing this, being's as how I am somewhat of a tall drip myself. (I have a similar problem with Thanksgiving)

I also had a peanut butter cookie and a coffee cake (yum)
I have no problem with these.

34.5 miles.
3:19:48 hours.
10.3 average speed.
35.8 Maximum speed.
1091 total miles.
52 - 58 degrees.

I'm getting to where I like the hills better than the flats.
I feel like I've accomplished something.

In desperation for something even remotely resembling humor, I went back and looked at the words "peanut butter".

A real small goat?

You guys can work on "coffee cake".

Unless you have better things to do.

Which surely you must.

BTW, the sun came out @22 miles.



Blogger butch said...

So that means Meredith was right, but it took 22 miles for it to present itself as fact not fiction. Glad you got a ride in. The commenter on the former posting mentioned the Isetta. Yeah I remember them. I didn't know that BMW made them. Did you ever work on one? Your issue with Thanksgiving wouldn't have anything to do with being a large fowl would it?

All these new commenters are coming out of the woodwork. I guess FFTL will not be our little private joke bin any more. The word is out. Palmer is one funny and twisted dude, and pretty smart too in a homegrown Mensa sort of way; skipped college and went for the meat in life; real experience, not book learning. For a senior citizen he really can get pumped as well, he and his Italian babe bike, Fidelio.

Did you read Alex's long and cool posting upon her return from NYC? I call it THE NEST. She described her studio; really put the reader at her elbow.

I think I am enjoying finding jpg's to match Sherman's poetry as much as re-reading and sharing his incredible poems. It is my tiny contribution, and it becomes collaborative, cuz I am borrowing the images wherever I can find them. People tell me that the Blog reality is such that I cannot fill one up, even with my thousands of posts and thousands of jpgs. Glad to hear that. The worst that happens that on any one day if you manage to post more than 30 postings, they slow you down with word verification before they publish them. Real weird how the e-blogger changed up formats for a full day or two, and then reverted back to something recognizable. I will never fully understand this cyber world.


7:11 PM  
Blogger butch said...

Remember in THREE AMIGOS, when Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short would mount up, they always shouted, "We ride!" Maybe that was your reference point?

Odd kind of morning. I am still thrilled to be Blogmaster of FFTR, but I had a devil of a time hauling my fat ass out of bed this morning; fighting a cold virus, been doing so for 10 days. Wish I could drink liquids and sleep for several days like some people I know when they don't feel up to par. Ah, 2010 is on the horizon, enit?

You completely lost me with your recent comment on one of Sherman's poems...."Goodbye Tony Hillerman" I could grasp, but who are Jack and John? Kennedy and Belushi? Sorry to be so thick. Please explicate.

I really am jazzed to see fresh faces and fresh views in this comments section. How about you?


5:29 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

I thought I said Joe and Jim.
Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee.
Two great characters.

10:41 AM  

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