Monday, February 25, 2008

More on Pongyang

Check Omniscient Mussel for more words and more links about Loren Maazel's trip to North Korea.
I've got a 42 page score to try to get into some kind of readability by the 7th for entry in the Minnesota (contest? is it one of those?)... whatever.
I realize that, due to my lack of musical training, this is likely impossible.
Which is it's appeal, of course.
Many are called, many are culled.

Two years ago I tried to enter an oboe concerto (they don't accept concertos) by calling it a "tone poem". Actually I think that it it is a tone poem, in certain ways like Strausses Til Eulinwhatever. But I don't actually know what it takes to be a "concerto" so I'll have to take their word for it.

There is nothing that I actually have the learning, skill, physique, or psychology to take seriously.
Except auto mechanics, and I wasn't very good at that.
So, what the hell?
At least it's clean.

One of the names I considered when I was planning my shop was "Till Oilandfilter"
Probably should have used it.

Yeah, that and "Duke of Oil"

I sponsored a baseball team by buying t-shirts that said "I've been greased by the Duke of Oil"
Some of the girls refused to wear them. Girls have such dirty minds.

I have been getting some interesting insights into the game of chess from Composer Bastard.
Seems to be an intelligent lad, I wonder why he uses the derogatory as his blog title.

I use mine because I like to deal with things that I don't know and that I'm most likely to be wrong about.
Sometimes, however, I do try to be funny.
Probably not the things you laugh at.

It's one step up from being a bad example.

My 66 years has shown me that serious is a loser, and belief is like Little Eva's trip across the Chattamagoochi river.
See what I mean about the relationship between ignorance and humor?
I never read the book, one of the few to meet that criterion.

Hester has some nice things to say about "Ulysses", by the way. Her site is linked, look for "Hester" over there on your right.



Blogger butch said...

I wonder if that's a salutation over there in Korea? If they just wave and say, Yalu!

April the 7th is fast approaching, that's for sure. What kind of a composition are you submitting? How many years have you submitted to this Minnesota Contest? Are there computer software packages that can transcribe the raw music to the written page? Probably is. God there is everything else.

You floor me with your self deprecation. You had convinced thousands of us that you were the "best" automobile mechanic in the Emerald City. Now you are announced that it was all bullshit?
I just cannot brook such insolence, such insincerity. But that might help to explicate why so many of your jobs came back broken or redo's come to think of it.

Yeah, after not seeing you for decades, it was shock to see how clean your hands and fingernails were. PALMER AUTOMOTIVE was not a place to go for a manicure or pedicure, I guess. Sitting out in the "foyer" waiting on your big ass, there was always the perfume of motor oil and grease and cleaning solvents to sit and breathe, and enjoy; a world unto itself actually.

I thought you actually had "The Duke of Oil" on your business sign. Did you ever have business cards? Damn those little hussies that would not wear those t-shirts. Do you have any of those left?

Yes Composer Bastard is some kind of super smart music geek. Like I mentioned before. He has given you some solid tips on computer composing, right?

Actually, even when you were a kid, you were a funny sum buck. You just didn't seem to realize it though. You always cracked me up. And by the way the reason I was always knocking you down, or wrestling with you was that you were taller and smarter and it pissed me off.

I thought that Little Eva just liked "gravy on her mashed potatoes", simpa mow wow, sha boom sha boom, ooopa mow wow. Wasn't it Little Egypt that tried to make it across the Chattamagoochi? No, actually it was that insipid ballad about the Indian maiden trying to swim to her Indian warrior, and the current did her in. Ask Eddy Emerald what the name of that cult classic was. Humor is based on fear. Ignorance comes more naturally to all of us. I am ignorant of 85% of the facts that you litter FFTL with. I get more of an education as the months flop on. You do read a lot of books, one of the luxeries of being retired I guess. That wonderful old house of yours has so many lovely corners for more book shelves. Meredith reads a lot too. How about Keth? I am reading the Border Trilogy by Cormac McCarthy. It was great to see him on the Academy Award show, cheering on the Coen Brothers. They won three Oscars, and were still non-plussed. They probably get more excited when the new issue of MAD magazine comes out.

I started rereading ULYSSES again last year, after screening the film for the Tacoma Film Club, and it seemed easier to understand that when I was in my 20's, but once again, I put the book down and went on to more frivilous endeavor. Like making comments on this blog.


8:05 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

"Minnesota" is the piece that's going to Minnesota.

The computer shows me a blank sheet of music paper, I drag and drop notes, I push a button, I listen, when I like what I hear, I push another button, and the score pops out of the printer.

If I hadn't tooted my own ego-horn, about being a genius wrench, I probably would have committed suicide a lot sooner than I did.

Same with music, the computer and David do the work, I do the bragging.

It's intriguing to imagine a modern pop singer in place of Little Eva dancing across the frigid ice-floes.
Then she could get on stage and the book would turn out entirely differently.

I'm only going to say this to you, Butch, but 85% of my facts aren't facts at all.
In fact, I'd be surprised if 15% had anything to do with reality.
Keep it under your hat.
You do Have a hat, don't you?

9:21 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

The Yalu was (maybe still is) my namesake's waterloo.
A bridge too far in the orient.
Had something to do with Harry canning his arrogant ass.

9:23 AM  
Blogger butch said...

My God, you were named after "Douglas
MacArthur? That is rich. Yeah, Harry Ass Truman was a tough cookie, and he had no qualms about going to Korea and shitcanning MacArthur.
Yes, I have several hats.
Wow, what a relief to get to know the "real" you.
Yalu, yalu, yalu, enit?


1:26 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Doug Macarthur and Clark Gable.
Dig it.

9:58 AM  

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