Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Phooey! It seems like I've been in bed more than not in the last two months.
Those 50-mile bike rides are not improving my health.
Had to cut yesterday's Beethovens birthday trek into town short cause I damn near passed out.
I missed my book group meeting.
I'm not going to miss the solstice party, you hear?
Contac, plenty of fluids, and rest.
Jeez... last year I thought I had beaten the damn SAD thing.
I'm not sure this is a better solution
.........Anyway, that's why I'm not posting today.
I'm going back to bed.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Die LL und ich wünschen Dir "gute Besserung" (= roughly "get well quick")!
LL and I send regards to you, Meredith, and Keth.

2:53 AM  
Blogger butch said...

There is no doubt in any corner of the universe that Doug Palmer is a "sick man", but all this virus crap. Hey, enuff is enough, enit!

Your life sometimes takes on tones of a Kafka story. You jump up, make some plans, ride 40 miles on Fidelio, and then pass out and cough your guts out.

What is the name of your Book Club, and what other folks are in it? I finally figured out last year that all your literary references, and novel reading were in a direct ratio to being married to Meredith and belonging to that blasted book club.

I am so glad you did not post anything today. What would you post? "I feel like shit. Nuff said. Heading for bed." That would be absurd. Kind of like a non-posting posting; like a hysterical pregnacy.

I really dug your work on FEEL FREE TO READ, "A Story". It showed up unannounced and unassuming and charming as hell.

Looks like Alex is busy trying to finish your commissions. She, like you, does not blog daily. I got to quit doing that so much, I guess. Do I have a life? I think so. I just like to blog as well, enit?

When Melva calls, usually she is left with the two grand toddlers, and is trying to change a diaper while talking to me. We end up laughing, and do not have a lot to converse about.


6:05 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Can you believe it? Old moose-breath here wrote "Looks like Alex is busy trying to finish YOUR commissions." I guess that would be nice too, but at least I caught my own mistake before lovely A read it, and gently pointed out my early stage of advanced CRS.

I am reading Sherman Alexie's FLIGHT now. It is an oddball novel, that has a time traveling Indian muckraker called Zits showing up in various places in history; a sort of SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE meets THE BUSINESS OF FANCYDANCING. It is odd that he left INDIAN KILLER unresolved and ambigious, and almost the same way he ended RESERVATION BLUES. Maybe he is just not into closure, just cannot see or get to the end of things. Perhaps that is why many of his characters, who resemble himself and real people in his life, reappear constantly; like the name Polatkin. Initially I was unprepared for his fantastic flights of fancy, and the dips into fantasy and science fiction, not paying much attention to a linear or traditional mode of story telling. But now it is like being good pals with Thomas Builds-The-Fire, who just closes his eyes and tells those wonderful stories, that can and do head all directions, in several dimensions. Alexie is definitely a singular and unique voice rising out of the lonely pines of the Spokane Reservation, and settling in to raise his family and his fortune right there in Seattle.

I did get accepted to be the discussion leader at the Grand Theater this Saturday for the new film, JUNO. That should be fun. I have attended several other discussions recently led by other TFC members, but it is coolest when I am in the catbird seat.

We are having our second Christmas party today for this week. There are so many holiday treats lying about that I feel bloated and out of sorts most of the day. My blood sugar soars, then when it crashes, I want to take a nap; which is hard to do for those of us still attempting to hold down a full time job. Today the boss is bringing in one of those six foot party sandwiches, laced with many other homemade goodies brought by the other staff. Melva is out of town, and I can not burn water, so I just brought paper plates and plastic silverware.

Bush gave we government workers Monday,the 24th off as a paid holiday, so I end up with a four day weekend. This generous deed of course has made me forgive him for being the lamest President since Herbert Hoover, and the willing dupe of his Dad's oil cronies.

I heard from old actor buddy Adrian Sparks today. Remember him, Doug? He was a year ahead of me in the BFA program, and we were very tight throughout my brief career. He has been an actor now for over 30 years; hard to believe. He is in Istanbul, of all places, doing a tour of his one man show on Hemingway; PAPA. The show, and he, are big hits over there. He is getting a lot more attention than he has been used to in LA. He will not be home for the holidays, but the show must go on. Like good pal Alver Rongstad, who died of cancer a couple years ago now, Adrian's friendship is geniune, and it stands the test of time. I call him Diamond Jim Sparkie, and he calls me Slash Phuque. Has a nice right to it, enit?

I join Anonomann and the LL in wishing you a speedy recovery from this latest bout with those pesky viri.


5:48 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Yeah, I remember Adrian.
Splash productions.
Wasn't he also either Mel or Odie in those Melody commercials.

10:59 AM  

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