Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sympathy for the......

I guess I'll have to curtail my denigration of the Seattle Symphony for awhile.
Mr. Schwarz broke his leg skiing.

Being down, I kick him not.

Not that I'd expect the same courtesy from those kind of people.

Better than us they are.

A pity that "better" doesn't include honorable, truthful, courageous, thrifty, obedient, loyal, imaginative or reverent.

All qualities I posses in abundance.
Being of low station, I am exalted.
Also, I don't go around breaking my leg just to try to weasel out of some well deserved criticism.

Anyway, heal, Gerry, heal soon and give my regards and seasons greetings to you and all your loved ones (ifyouhavany)

Whoops, I forgot to capitalize Ifyouhavany, Dmitry Ifyouhavany that is.
Dmitry is a brilliant composer, talents almost rivaling my own, (if you can imagine such a thing) yet he remains obscure, so obscure that even Butch wont be able to research with any luck.

Well Keth just left for work. He has an unusual schedule, being a computer programmer, he can set his own hours.
Meredith is at work too and I have the place to myself for the day.
Usually he and Meredith manage to be home long enough to prevent me from making any
Now I can use the speakers instead of the 'phones. I can bang around on the piano.
Play my bassoon if I want.

I'll be back later in the day.



Blogger butch said...

Let's all shed a tear, and give a hurrah for the healing of Gerald Schwarz, why don't we? Yes, this could mean,humanitarian that you are, that you will have to pull back on the slamming of SSO, the delicious denigration. SSO would never give you the same courtesy, you are right in that regard.

"better than us they are," sounds like something that Yoda would say to Luke Skywalker.

With a little research, I found that a gaggle of celebrities have had skiing accidents over the years. One humorous incident recently, "A news release from TREES: "Stop the logging, or we will kill one celebrity each week. P.S. There are NO skiing accidents!"

Supposedly there have been 125,000 skiing accidents. But what the hell, people die every day, having sex, crossing the street, choking on chicken bones or a ham sandwich. It just seems more significant when you compile the data, right?
1. Arnold Schwarzenegger just broke his leg at Sun Valley. It was a freak accident. He was standing still, and tripped on his own ski poles. He claimed that Tom Arnold, who was with probably pushed him.
2. Of course there is the Sonny Bono hit a tree death at the Heavenly Ski Resort on the Nevada side in 1998.
3. After successfully beating the rap for sleeping with a 14 year old baby sitter, Michael Kennedy, son of RFK, hit a tree while playing snow football at Aspen, Colorado.
4. Thala, Latino pop star, recently broke her leg at Aspen.
5. Debra Messing, actress, broke a leg a few years ago in a skiing accident.
6. Supermodel Heidi Klum broke her leg in a skiing accident.
7. Orlando Bloom, actor, has broken both legs during skiing accients.
8. Michael Douglas, actor son of Kirk, had a very serious injury in 1980 in a skiing accident, and it sidelined his career for 3 years.
9. Model Christie Brinkley was almost paralyzed from a skiing accident.
10. Nick Nolte, actor, has hurt himself on the slopes.
11. Singer Seal broke his leg in a skiing accident.
12. Lil Kim broke his leg while skiing at Sun Valley.
13. Tony Danza, sort of actor, hit a tree while skiing in 1993.
14. Bruce Greenwood, actor, broke his leg while skiing.
15. As a capper, Prince Harry had to be rescued at sea recently after a jet ski accident.

There is a lot of buzz about passing a law for mandatory helmet regulations for skiers, so that when you break your leg you will not also suffer TBI. Actually a helmet might spare you if your collide with a nefarious tree.

I have never skied. I always considered it, like golf, a rich man's sport. When I still could, I loved to hike in the mountains. Dougie, have you ever skied? Has Anonomann or Alex?

Dimitry may be a brilliant composer, but he toils in obscurity. Where do you know him from? As to research, you sly dog, just giving me the first name of "Dimitry" is way beyond vague.
1. There is of course, Dimitry Shostakovich, the famous Russian.
2. There is also Dimitry Kabolevsky, who is a composer for the American Balalaska Symphony.
3. and there is Dimitry Markevitch, a young composer who likes to write for the cello.

Has Keth ever asked you about this weird guy, Glenn, who calls there for you once in a while?

Must be nice to bang on your piano as loudly as you want. As to the other, I have heard it called many things, lope your mule, choke your chicken, bash your bishop, flog your dog, whip your pup --but I have never heard it referred to as "play my basson".

You, snide and regal one, lied to us, and you never returned yesterday. Shame be upon you.


6:27 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

i skied in Alaska when I was in the Army, cross country with pack.
Also a little downhill. on the cross country bindings yet.
Also some downhill at Wainright's recreation area.
Jeez....Memory returns, a couple trips when I was a kid.

Just for that remark, sonny, I'm going to have to punish you severely by correcting your spelling.
It's bassOOn, not bassOn, you pickle headed son of a parking lot attendant!

8:06 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Besides, I didn't say which day.

8:07 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Who the hell is Dimitry? You did not throw any light on that Savant mystery!

My God, have you checked out FEEL FREE TO READ lately? Someone has gone ape shit and posted over 200 things on it fit to read. It is quite the phenomonon, enit?


5:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the broken ankle (not leg) is a sign to Gerry that he might exchange the MD title for Fund-Raiser-in-Chief, something he IS good at. Only the czckucks on the 5th floor are stupid enough to
de-raise funds by kicking out contributors and threatening same with police action if the walk Seattle streets any where near their fortress.
-- Anonomann

3:29 AM  

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