Sunday, December 16, 2007

December 16

Today is Beethovens birthday which, taken literally,is an absurd thing to say inasmuch as he was born in 1770.
When I started my repair shop in 1985, I decided that, since I was now "The Boss" I had to make some kind of major decision about something.
So I decided to make Ludwig's birthday a holiday.
As a joke of course and a sad comment as to just how little control one actually has as an "independent businessman"
Still, I lasted 17 years before the bastards broke me.
Then when I re-met Meredith, she decided that it was an amusing thing to so we established a habit of bussing downtown to do some Christmas shopping on or as near as practical to the date.
The joke is a bit worn out for me, but she still gets a kick.

We are going tomorrow.

Today is also a rare double Talvi day. Two posts on

  • Music & Men

  • Also the enlightening saga of Butches early life continues over on

  • Feel Free To Read

  • Please do not read any sarcasm in the phrase "enlightening saga"
    I know that this is supposed to be a humorous site, full of irony, sarcasm, snide, and snark, but do please allow me some intermittent sincerity.

    My life has never been as interesting as his.

    Thank God

    The mystery remains; Whatever happened to Al Kistenmacher?

    Irony sarcasm
    Snide and snark
    Sincerity weathers the storm.

    Ironic metaphor
    Outright insult
    This kind of thing seems the norm

    A sudden twist
    To bring out the gist
    It's just my humerous form

    I do it that way
    'Cause it's my way to say
    I'm an asshole, now go away.

    I think I will quit before this gets any worse.

    Love and joy come to you and you not you,
    Merry Christmas and god bless us one and all!



    Blogger butch said...

    Wow, PALMER AUTOMOTIVE lasted 17 years! How time slinks by,enit? For much of that period, we, those few old friends of yours that spread out over the decades like chaff in the wind, always thought you were hugely successful, with little overhead costs, mostly doing all the work yourself; that you had stockpiled a small fortune over those years. A damned shame that was not the case.

    But if Murray in A THOUSAND CLOWNS could declare Irving Feldman's birthday a national holiday, then why can't you celebrate Ludwig Beethoven's day of birth with great gusto, and in the spirit of the season, march out with Meredith and do some holiday shopping? Well, of course you can, for this is America.

    So as I prepare for another onerous and sonerous day here at the office, stuck somewhere between white collar and blue collar blues, it will bring a small smile to my grizzed visage to think of your fighting the overwhelming crowds in the metropolitan downtown corridor.

    BUTCH'S GREAT ADVENTURE does continue, for what's worth; just for grins and someone's edification. I disagree that your life in some regard pales in respect to mine. I just bitch about it more, and have the talent for articulating the absurdity of it.

    The Kistenmachers were Nerd high school pals of Doug's and mine. Al was in Doug's year, two years ahead of myself, and Al's younger brother; whose name escapes me; another attack of CRS I suppose. Big Al did sort of play the guitar, and when Doug "Mercer" put together his rock and roll band, playing lead guitar, Al was in it. There was a crazy man on drums, and a red-headed bogie woogie man on piano. They actually made pretty good music. I don't think it lasted a full year though. What was the name of the group, Doug?

    By the way, sir, I posted your latest poetry on FEEL FREE TO READ. It should befuddle the masses, enit?


    5:52 AM  
    Blogger Lane Savant said...

    Ray Kistenmacher, bass guitar.
    George Obrien, Drums.
    Larry Richards, red-headed piano.
    Al Kistenmacher, rhythm guitar.
    Doug Mercer, lead guitar.
    Never did come up with a name.

    3:10 PM  
    Blogger Lane Savant said...

    Whoops, I meant 12 years.

    9:42 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hallo, Lane!
    Thanks for the referral to the Talvi-site. It was well-worth reading!

    3:14 AM  

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