Thursday, December 06, 2007

What a difference

I go away for a little bike ride; 26.4 mi, 10.8 avg speed, 2:hr:25 min:50seconds,and check this, max speed 48.3!!
Mon comptuer a va bonkers.
Actually one time it told me I was going over 60!
I think, on reflection, that there were some high tension wires or something that I rode too near.
Anyway, due to lack of sleep last night the ride consumed the whole day.
Got home at 2:00, fell asleep, had dinner and when I finally get here at FFTL I find that my new site "Feel Free To Read" has gone from one two sentence post to a virtual
library of poetry, movie reviews, and I don't know what all. All thanks to Butch.
Whatta guy!

So, go look.

  • Feel Free To Read

  • The last cabinet is up, and the handles and pulls are in at McClendons.


    Blogger butch said...

    My God, Meredith must be ecstatic; and maybe Keth too:RE the kitchen beginning to shape up. On Wednesday, speaking of Keth, I was "confused" about Lane Savant's offer to be a poster on his web site. So at first I thought you wanted to share authorship with me on FEEL FREE TO LAUGH, and somehow I wouldn't feel right about that. So then I called your place, which I do not often do. The second call Keth answered, and again I thought it was you, so I started talking some trash, and after a small pause, Keth announced, "This is not Doug." He must think I am some kind of a madman old buddy from 50 years ago high school who is several bricks shy of a load, enit.

    Anyway, your email straightened me out, and I went into E Blogger and set up my posting priviledges. I began to add "some" things. I had them stashed here and there on my hard drive. Before long I had figured out a system for cutting and pasting that went as fast as your bike ride, about 48.3mph. When I got up to more than 5 dozen posts, I finally came to my senses, and put on the cyber brakes.

    It is all very confusing, of course. I filled out the Profile, ABOUT ME, like yours, but it does not appear on the Home Page. I guess you have to "design" things. I will have to get a recent pic posted there too, and we can do the two duffers side by side bit; kind of like those geezers that used to sit in the balcony on the MUPPETS, making comments on the show and on life. Perhaps we need to get together some weekend soon, and you can figure out how to put movie poster ads in the movie reviews, and some of your photography, or Meredith's over the poetry. That would be classy; cool as crap, which does get pretty cold after it steams a bit and assaults the air and all those in its proximity.

    I estimate that there are now over 700 pages of literary wonder on FEEL FREE TO READ. So thank you for taking Alex Shapiro's advice, and/or decided independently that in order to keep me in check, you will probably need to collaborate with me. By the way when you Google FEEL FREE TO READ, there are 80,000 websites with that handle, many of them of a homoerotic nature; kind of surprised me, enit.

    Actually after the cyber orgy yesterday as I posted a large chunk of my material, and yours, and some of Alex's, I was exhausted, and as I drifted off to sleep I feared I had overstepped my boundaries, had invaded your space, which is now our space. So one side of my mouth smiled and the other side frowned. I awoke this fine morning and realized that my insecurity was bogus, and that things would fine okay. Then I open up FFTL and here you are giving my compliments. Go figure.


    5:48 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hallo, Lane!
    Kongratulations on Kompleted Kabinets!!
    Hallo, Butch!
    Where do you get all the time to post all ýou do to Lane's Sites???

    8:28 AM  
    Blogger butch said...


    As Lane explicated with his typical unplussed aplomb, I just cut and paste like a whirling dervish. WORD and I are bosom buddies as it were.

    It is so nice to see your responses hitting the comment lane for Lane yet again. I miss you when you travel, or go into a week long silence.


    7:50 PM  

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