Friday, November 30, 2007

What I mean

Is do a movie that isn't about the music.
About humanity.

Do a movie about the trial
With a jazz soundtrack.
Something about his humorous side.

Compare his tantrums and his grand vision and desire to create a new world...

With Hitlers.

What is the human mind all about anyway?

A scene;
A candle lit house in Vienna,

Did you see Ludwig yesterday?
The way he was dressed?
Disgusting, Those rags look like they're about to rot off him.

So what are we going to do about it?

Why don't we just get some new clothes and take them out to him?


Hey kid, here's a pfennig for you if you take this stuff out to Beethoven's place.

Who's Beethoven?

He's that bum lives out on the Doodlestrasse.
Used to be a musician, nasty temper but mostly harmless.

Oh yeah, what kind of music?

I dunno, I never heard him play.

All this is accompanied by some....some...Satie gymnopedie?
Cage...for prepared piano.
What the hell, both at once.

I dunno, I've got to go count my money and get ready to meet with sister and hermano in ley for the salon tonight.

I just gotta stop trying to be profound.



Blogger butch said...

Yeah, sometimes I forget that humor is the foundation for most of your diatribes and lunges into philosophy and music history and music appreciation. Sorry to get all serious on you on the odd day, or sometimes take you literally. I should know better.

What you are describing is certainly do-able, but to what end? One of the great joys for most us when it comes to those epic historical biopics regarding classical composers is to revisit their music, to hear it as a backdrop for new visuals, new imagery, different actors, another tour of Europe, or a sound stage.
Of course you could make a movie about Beethoven where all the other characters wore costumes of different ages, and the soundtrack could be Country Western, or Spike Jones, or Glenn Miller, of Bob Dylan, or Donovan. How would Clint Eastwood's BIRD have been with Willy Nelson compositions rather than Charlie Parker's? Different, unique, triple-butt awful, genius, boring --probably.

But hey, is art, is cinema created for someone, for the masses, for people's consumption? Most of it is because few artists are completely patronized, without a need to create a semblence of a "living", if they don't starve to death, or become real estate agents. I just watched the Swedish film HUNGER, with Per Oscarsson, about a writer who was literaly starving in 1890, and who could not let loose of his pride, arrogance, honesty, could not fully accept his situation, and it
was killing him. Like making a film about a character who has already thrown himself off the top of the Empire State Building, and we visit with him, and his state of mind along each floor as he falls past it. It was very disturbing, haunting. You should check it out some time.

Hell of an inquiry, "What is the human mind all about anyway?" That depends on the human being's mind you are probing, or being exposed to through their music, prose, poetry, sculpture, dance, and like that, right? Hitlers, large and small, will continue to thrive, to be born, to be defeated, or to be elected to office. We cannot do much about them, other then be aware and quit voting for them, and giving them the power over our lives.

Let us know about the Salon, dude. What is in fact profound is that you continue to create levity out of the chaos and tragedy of the world's stage, that you help us to focus on the tiny, on the funny, on the absurd. Keep up the good work. We love it.


11:55 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

I think what I mean (it's not always easy to figure out, even for me)is to strip away the myths and see the naked truths of the human soul.
Alex and Sherman are myths to us for all we can actually know of them.
You and I, even are myths. We "know" each other to a certain extent, but even the most intimate relationships depend on individual impressions.
How I perceive you is as much me as anything you are.
Likewise the rest of the universe.
I have an idea what
Spica is like from reading science magazines, but that perception exists only in my mind.
Which is starting to hurt.
Johnson once refuted Berkley's thesis that "it's all in your mind" (to violently paraphrase) by whacking on a table.
Where is that table now?

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't judge a person by her/his clothes. Ludwig B's music speaks for itself!
-- Anonomann (a Beethoven-Verehrer)

2:05 AM  

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