Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanks update

It turns out that supplies were not limited, after all.
I still have a warehouse full.
Any time you think you deserve some, you can have some of mine.
Or, If you don't feel you deserve it, take some anyway.
Everyone deserves some thanks for all the many little things they do each and every day.
If you still don't feel right about it, just try some on anyway.
I'm sure you'll find that you like it and deserve it.
You accomplish a lot by just being there.


Blogger butch said...

You are welcome; more than most, much more than some.


5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, LANE,
for a great blogsite!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- Anonomann

1:47 AM  
Blogger butch said...

You know, you have your finger on something here. Most of us trudge through life, doing a better than average job vocationally, and doing our best to be a spouse, a parent, a citizen --and thanks is not a word that is bestowed upon us. Within the beauracracy of the Department of Veteran's Affairs, we have a saying: "Welcome to the new VA where you are never thanked and always spanked."

So Anonomann is richtig. Thanks Sir Savant for continuing to maintain this stalwart blogsite, sharing your likes and dislikes, your trips, your joys and woes, and your music, both your love of it and your contributions to it. For me personally this blogsite is a daily plum, a sweet and crazy place that I can get both a reality check and an emotional lift. You have been so very generous with the space, and you have nutured a kind of family, set up a bit of fellowship that is welcome, necessary, and right on the beam. Even when you are out of town, or out of your mind with illness or some fixation, still the blog is there, the comments section is there, and we can pop a few thoughts out there into cyber space, into infamy and infinity.

More than likely it is all some vast conspiracy that Big Brother has perpetrated upon the American public, and all that we spout, and bitch, and extoll will be held against us in a court of our peers and our betters. But who cares? It's fun, ennit?


5:27 AM  

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