Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Danger Cat

Last night the cat, the one with the smashed head, climbed onto my lap.
Petting the thing gave me a hand wet with pus from a suppurating wound in his side. Looked like a vampire had been at him. I think a coyote or some other form of dog is more likely.
So any way this morning consisted of a trip to the vet. The cat's in the hospital for the night.
Are pets worth it?
What does it take for him to get the message?
The message being; "Don't fight with anybody bigger than yourself. Don't fight with anything that has wheels."
Comments about Alex Shapiro's wonderful CD "Notes from the kelp" will follow later, as will comments on movies about Beethoven.
If I can remember what I have to say about all that.
For now...I need a nap.


Blogger butch said...

Damn, congratulations to me. I just realized that I have been "commenting" on FFTL for one year. I put it on my favorites list November 2006, that page that had Emily's face on it. Man, this was a Buzz Lightyear kind of 12 months. Far out.

Wasn't it nice that Alex Shapiro enjoyed my poem? Makes me kind of giddy.

As to Polalie, and his problems and surprises for you, oh yeah, cats can get chewed up. They will make a run for it if they think they need to. But perhaps he, after his TBI incident, is missing those mental urges for flight, so he just stands and fights; kind of sad and heroic at the same time. Pets certainly can be pricey when they "vist" the Vet. Our Taffy, who is 13 years old now, maybe 14, has to have her injections for arthritis, and several kinds of medication. It is odd though. She must be close to 100 in dog years, and when I look into her still pretty eyes and face I get the strong realization that her time with us is limited, and so I give her a treat, or an extra pet.

It will be great for you to review Alex Shapiro's CD, NOTES FROM THE KELP. I love the cover. She certainly is a striking looking woman, who looks so very much at home there in the San Juans.

As to movies about Ludwig, that will be really cool. It will give me a chance to pipe in and share as well.

As you drift off into any of your senior's retired person naps, do your ever wonder, as P.K.Dick did, DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? That certainly is something I think about constantly.


6:10 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

I think that part of that unprocessed glove lining's problem is depth perception. Since last years contretemps his eyes aren't exactly in the same place as they were. He is not as aware of his surroundings as he should be.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try becoming a cool cat!! You'll live longer (maybe 9 lives!) that way!
-- Anonomann

2:23 AM  

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