Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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Robert Demar's site has the most beautiful photos of San Juan Island and environs.
You already know about Robin @ "Beadlust". Here's her website.
I've posted the new and improved string quartets.
Why the one is called "Shotglass" I may never know, but there you are.
Art, go figure.

So, what do we no today, lazy and gentleman?

I have finished several little piano trio pieces along with the quartets.

There follows, like a pulse of pressure reaching the end of an oboe (or the tuned exhaust of a racing motorcycle) a bit of a creative vacuum.

The big deal is the upcoming salon at The Chapel at The Good Shepard Center (45th and Sunnyside Seattle WA. Nov. 30 8:00)where you will be able to hear the violin duet live.
Hopefully, my recorder will work properly and I will be able to post the performance.

I am beside myself with anticipation.
Which makes it a little difficult getting through doorways

I'm a bit reluctant to start composing something new.
I've been composing a series of concertos, starting with the flute and moving on down the score.
You know that I've reached the Tuba.
I'm skipping percussion for now. Who am I to be writing a piano concerto?
The next on the list is a violin concerto.
Am I nuts?
I think I may just take a hike, as I am often advised to do.
Wander about in a dream like state, searching for "inspiration".
Actually, inspiration is easy, it's the editing that drives one bonkers.
And enharmonic spelling.

I see my cat practicing lying about the house.
It's a dream of his to be a real estate agent.

I might try that myself.
Not the real estate part.
Just lie about wasting precious time.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow and maybe even next Thursday.
We will be at my sister's for thanksgiving.
It will probably be just the four of us, although Gary might show up.

Don't forget Soho, I think he's on to something.



Blogger butch said...

Thanks for the heads up on those sparkling websites. I think that you still should link to FallsApart.com so that we can keep tabs on Sherman Alexie. But hey, that's just me. He is on my Favorites list for sure.

This creative flurry of compositions is exciting to hear about. Perhaps the virus inspired you; that or all that time when you were delerious.

NOW, Ladies and Germs, it is finally time for the latest in "live" concerts for a Lane Savant/Doug Palmer composition!!!!
For all those FFTL readers out there that are wetting themselves with anticipation, here is more data on the Good Shepherd Center:

Good Shepherd Center
Address: 4649 Sunnyside Avenue North
Date Built: 1906
Original Architect/Builder: C. Alfred Breitung.
Description: Fine example of the Italianate style embellished with Corinthian capitals and elaborate stone work.
Original Owners: Sisters of the Good Shepherd.

Historic Seattle's Role:
After providing over 60 years of service to young women seeking shelter, education, and training, declining numbers of residents forced the Home of the Good Shepherd to close in 1973. After the Wallingford community defeated a proposal to turn the 11-acre site into a shopping center, the City of Seattle bought the property in 1975 with Forward Thrust and Federal Revenue Sharing funds and then transferred the buildings to Historic Seattle for use as a multi-purpose community center. The project is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Current and Future Uses:
The property is owned and operated by Historic Seattle and the center currently houses nonprofit organizations and schools including the Meridian School, Neo Art School, the Wallingford Senior Center, the Wallingford Community Council, and Seattle Tilth.

Historic Seattle added six live/work units for artists in early 2002. Ranging in size from 580 sq.feet to 650 sq. feet, the artist studios are located on the top floor, once used for the school's dance classes and costume storage. The artist residents are a diverse group and bring a lot of creativity and enthusiasm to the Good Shepherd Center community.

Find out more about the Artist Housing Project and the Grand Opening Event.

Historic Seattle is also currently developing a small performance/ rehearsal space (seating capacity 100-150) in the former fourth floor chapel. Accessible by elevator, this beautiful, two-story space features wooden floors, columns, and a permanent stepped platform at one end of the room. There is also the possibility of permanent office space adjacent to the new space.

[Hopefully this wonderful space is where the Palmer Violin Duet will be performed!]

The Good Shepherd Center gained Offical City of Seattle Landmark status on September 10, 1984 (Ord. # 111882).

At the Good Shepherd Center, 4649 Sunnyside Ave. N, 4th Floor, Seattle, WA; in Wallingford, 1/2 block south of 50th St., 1 block east of Meridian; 206-789-1939

Hopefully (8:00) means 8pm. It is grand that they have an elevator to the 4th floor. My lame old butt would not have liked to climb 4 sets of stairs. I am having one of my monthly IVIG treatments that day, man, but I should be finished up like at 4pm, and I will drive my little red pick up to the U District and find a good parking spot after I scope out the Good Shepherd. Probably this will be only the most recent of the Palmer concerts to come. I was not aware of, so I missed those concerts from yesteryear at Soundbridge. I am beside myself with anticipation as well, which will give me company for the long drive up from Tacoma, and then as two people I can use the HOV lanes, right?

The Cat Who Dreamed of Being a Real Estate Agent --gee, that sounds like a great Dr. Seuss kind of children's book. Perhaps you can do something in that genre as well. It worked pretty well for Sherman Alexie after all. As a slum landlord, and a Lord of the Manor who manages and owns several homes, you already have vested yourself in Real Estate, which I assume is different from Fake Estate or Erzatz Estate.

So you will all gather together tomorrow at Janet's. That is way cool, the family gathers and fellowship abounds. I can taste those turkey sandwiches already.


8:23 AM  

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