Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday, if I have to.

Sick again or still brain jelly cant stand up straight going back to bed stay there forever sso sent mrs means a calendar going to shove it in their face no bike rides no spill chick phooey


Blogger Alex Shapiro said...

This is a bowl of virtual chicken soup.

If you are a vegetarian, it is a virtual bowl of miso soup with tofu.
And green onions. I like green onions.

Mmmmmm! Hot! Good! Slightly salty! Makes your head and body feel much better....

Sorry you're under the weather (is anyone really ever over it?). Feel better soon!

8:12 PM  
Blogger butch said...

Perhaps you have a husky virus that borders on flu, sir, with you cortex turned to Jello, and thoughts swirling dry and unfocused. Yes, sleep it off, let the little microscopic gangbangers have their way with you; plenty of liquids of course, and get caught up on your reading --or just immerse yourself in a James Joyce.

I caught a snippit news flash last night on television. Sherman Alexie has just won the National Book Award, or some such honor, for his juvenile fiction (kid's book, THE DIARY OF AN HONEST TO GOD PART-TIME INDIAN, or some title similiar to that. I was shocked and pleased to see his mug for 20 seconds on the tube.

It will be sehr gut or gutten to have Anonomann at Rancho Palmer in a few weeks, in the new year. 2008 is on the horizon. SSO is still out there, filled with disconnected clerical staff who are so new to the corporation that they are unaware of the Doug Palmer Incident, or that Lane Savant is a pariah, and a persona non gratis. When you return the calendar, perhaps you should defecate or urinate on it to give them the full impact of your disdain, or maybe just spill bacon grease and honey on it, and smear disgusting body creams mixed with chocolate, or take some axle grease off one of the many auto statuary in your yard. Actually that is a kind of poetic thought, that your driveway and back yard is a hotbed of art, that you have created a modern Picasso-like series of sculptures that resemble cars of the past, and cars of the future; cars that never were and will never be again. Maybe you should bring in a crane, and pile them all on top of each other, with the Bristol on the bottom, then the Alfa Romeo, then Gottweiss, then the Fiat 500. Spare the VW bus, cuz you might need a second vehicle if Leah has more difficulties. You could contact Janet, who will contact the Northwestern Art folks and the media, and we will all show up, and KIRO or KOMO will send a camera crew, like they should have done for the maiden cruise of Gottweiss, and you will have the same 30 seconds of fame that was bestowed on Sherman Alexie. Way cool.

I received an email from Kristi the other day. Younger brother John is turning 50, has sold his sailboat, is going to create a new computer company, and has a new woman in his life. Kristi has now moved into their new home in Hernando, Florida. She still has all of ther parrots. She is semi-retired and has just had some thumb surgery. She and Lee do check our FFTL, she says, and she sends her best.

Tonight I am off to another film screening, this time THE CHUMSCRUBBER at CSL in Tacoma. It is a real book end for our other pick, AMERICAN BEAUTY. You ought to check it out from the Buttkus collection some time.

Fidelio will stand patiently in the basement awaiting your vigor and bravado to return, so that you can ride your stead off toward those windmills, around that great pond and cesspool called Lake Washington. Think of how beautiful that lake must have been 150 years ago. With no Ballard locks, and no University cut in those days, even Lake Union would have been pristine. Have you been over the new Tacoma Narrows bridge yet? It is a bit of a thrill to drive either of those marvelous twin structures so very high above Puget Sound. It might be Washington's highest bridge.

Thanks for the hazy and out of focus posting. It is so nice to know your carbon unit has not expired.


6:14 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Thanks Alex. Chicken soup was, is on the menu.
Yes, one's relationship with the great meteorlogic is a relative one, my chart line is moving up.
Did read half of the latest Harry Potter Yesterday. Unable to concentrate on J.J.
I wanted to tell you about Shetman's award but I was mood sinister yesterday.
Thanks to Butch for posting the beautifully nasty suggestions for SSO.
My actual plan is to return the calendar and remind them that they are the ones who wanted to sever the relationship.
And say hi to an employee friend.
By the way, old buddy, it's Gokwiis
Stands for God only knows what it is.

11:27 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

That's SHERMAN's award.
Shetman can't write his way out of a paper bag.
Butch, I like your idea about posting prose but I want to keep this place for my awful stand up humor sort of stuff.
Why don't you sign up for a site?

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ich wünsche Dir "baldige Genesung" (="get well quick")!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- Anonomann (+LL)

2:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Alex!
Thanks for the vegetarian recipe for faux chicken soup; I'll try it when I ever get the flu again (hopefully NEVER!!).
It will be more than a few week before I get to Rancho Means-Palmer, namely not until 11 Jan 08.
I'll keep reading your contributions to "FFTL" overhere, where I am not limited to only an houe on the computer, as in the Seattle Public Libraries; then it is hard, as some of your contributions take an hour to read.

2:15 AM  

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