Saturday, June 30, 2007

There he goes again

I found some comments about John Adams on other sites,
Seems he made some comment about harmony at Harvard.
I would go look it up, but I'm afraid of getting it right.
You could probably look it up on Soho the Dog.

Harmony is usually considered to be the vertical component of music.
Chords, tone clusters, and the like.
But harmony has a larger meaning.
All parts of music, (or any other form of lying), "harmony", rhythm, tone, line, color, theme, emotional context, must be in harmony.
Proportion is the most profound harmony.

One thing that I've noticed in 20th century music is that the "popular", that is the money making music, relies heavily on rhythm.

"Classical" or money losing music, relies on rigidly controlled rhythms, rich "harmony", lot's a rules to keep everything in line, horizontally as well as vertically.
Candy for the king.

I say "Hah!"

Hobbled obsequious souls, seeking to please royalty, learn to rock, or at least swing.

Rhythm is the most saleable harmony.

Music is born of the heartbeat. Anybody who has one is creating music.

Anyway, I was in the presance of Mr. Adams once.
It was at a Composers Salon here in Seattle. One of the composers began a question with something about "harmonic progression" Adams interrupted with "I went to college too" (or something to that effect), which amused the congregation.

I didn't go to college, I'm not sure exactly what the significance of that exchange was.

But now, I have two small insights into the composers soul. If I connect these dots, perhaps I can interprate, extrapolate, infer, deduce, and just plain suss out, his entire personality.

Why I would want that is anybody's guess.
Just keeping an eye on the competition, I guess.

Yesterday, just out of iconoclastic pervsity, I wrote a two Tuba invention, laying the groundwork for the tuba concerto which is next on my list for the concerto project.
I believe I am making great progress with my music.
I approach mediocrity.
OMG, I feel dizzy.

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Blogger Lane Savant said...

However, tone clusters, or chords, that contain seconds are not strictly horizontal on the page. The notes are offset a bit because they are so close together.

9:51 AM  

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