Sunday, June 24, 2007

Post Traumatic Stress

The B17s B=24s B-25s are circling the house. These are allied planes, I'm beginning to think that Hitler wasn't telling the truth about how well the war is going.
Ah, well at least it's going to be over soon. Let this be a lesson to the world. Don't ever elect a government that bases it's philosophy on lies and war. Never again.

Whoops, it sounds like Lane is having a bit of a flashback there. Actually, there is only one example of each of those planes in the air. They are based at Boeing International Airport and are hiring out demonstration rides. Costs something like 3 or 4 hundred bucks a ride. You do get to see our house on the trip but are probably going to be distracted by things like Mt Rainier, Mt Baker, Lake Washington, and the magnificently beautiful scenery. That and the incredible noise and vibration inside the plane. No one will be shooting at you, however. Probably.

Just part of the summer festivities here in this airplane dominated part of paradise.
Later the Blur Angels, actually , that's Blue Angels. They do move fast, however and when they sneak up on the house, the create a nice boom!! as they go over.

Living amongst a plethora of airports has it's thrills.

I have just this instant decided to go for a bike trip.

See ya later.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Doug/Lane/Cuckucksnest-Kämpfer!
Hope you enjoyed your bike trip; Margrit goes (almost) everywhere by bike, but won't be bringing hers to Seattle, when she arrives Thursday (the 28th) @ 2:10 p.m. on Northwest AL flight 33 from Amsterdam, which she'll take after arrivingg in AMS from Hamburg, where she flies out in the morning of the 28th. It takes about an hour to go through passport and customs control, get one's luggage before Customs and then get it again in the baggage area, so we'll then take the 194 to downtown Seattle, cross over to the Forbidden Territory (aka Cuckucksnest) and take a 7EXP to Roxbury and walk the few feet to Freedom House (she is just as anti-aircraft (war planes) as you, and we here inMecklenburg are trying to fight the plan to turn a Nature Preserve here into a "Bombodrom", which is like it sounds, a practice playpen for fighter plane to practice dropping bombs. Hope none of those fly-overs over Freedom House doesn't fail to fly over, but crashes near your place.
We both look forward to seeing you and Meredith on the 28th!!!!!!!!!!

Peace and Tschüß,
Anonomann (& Lovely Librarian).

2:09 AM  

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