Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Monkey Music, A desperate climb to nowhere.

Well, the trombone concerto has assumed it's final dimension. I seem to have written a lively and humourous 3rd movement. Which means that I need to go back to the 1st Mvt and rectify some of the more chaotic and discordant verticals in order to align it better with the last. Throw a few dots here and there to lighten it up a bit.
The overall theme of the piece seems to be becoming; innocence, despair, then liberation and joy. Or...adagio, largo, vivace. Or... moderate, slow, fast.
Like the flute concerto which went, naivete, anger, dissociation/schophrenia.
Coming of age kind of thing. Innocence collides with reality and all.
This is one time I wish I had some kind of "higher education".
I'm learning a lot about music from David Mesler, (school starts again tomorrow) but I just don't have the BS skills to talk about the stuff.
So, it's a great piece of music and orchestras everywhere should be playing it.
Tuba next, then on to the strings. Or percussion.
Do listen to my mp3 links.

I'm reading a history of the Ottoman empire.
The usual rise and fall, when will they (it is all thier fault) ever learn?
The descriptions of the life of a Sultan seem very similar to the life of the last emperor of China, a movie I just saw.
The powerful man at the top is essentially imprisoned amid courtiers who actually control things.
Sounds vaguely familiar, the usual monkey pile wherever two or more of us hairless insane (we see that we are naked and are ashamed) apes congregate.
The need for a "god" to hide behind and blame.
The stronger ones climb for the high branches where the imagine they see more.
Mainly they are just trying to assuage thier fears and nakedness.
And basically use those of us on the lower branches as toilet paper.
But when thier branch breaks, they have farther to fall. unfortunately, they fall through the lower branches, taking some of us with them.
It's all pretty desperate.
But, then again, I'm alright, Jack.
It has always seemed to me that with our large brains and our "superior" intelligence , we should be able to realize the escapeist fantasies of peace, love and understanding, of "brotherhood" of mankind, of universality, of "we're all in this together" instead of using these profound desires to organize armies to beat it out of other similarly organized people.

But that would probably just take the fun out.

No real point in taking it seriously.



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