Sunday, June 17, 2007


"Wild Swans: Three Women of China" by Jung Chang
There. I actually did some research. Boy are my arms tired.

Not four swans


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, again, Lane & Butch.
As Butch supplied soooooooooooooo
much interesting info to the previous Blog re China, Cage, and lots of other things that don't begin with C, I suspect nobody got to my Blog after his long, great one. So, I'll continue here.
"Three Swans" is THE best book on (relatively) recent Chinese history that I have ever read!!!! As I am now at the Landeszentralbibliothek (which I spell as the "Staatsbibliothek", which it is with fewer letters) and not in my apartment here or in Shoreline, I don't know if my copy is in one of those or in the lodgings of someone else to whom I may have lent it and who has not (yet, hopefully) returned it. Also I don't know (remember) if my copy is in German or English; if it is in English and here, I'll bring it to Seattle for Lane to read. IT IS VERY WELL WORTH READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also of interest (that I didn't know until I told Margrit that Meredith rides to work on a Vespa is that Margrit also has a motorcycle license (in addition to her driver's license), which she told me, as I have never seen her on a motor (as opposed to bi) cycle. Meredith need not fear Margrit will ride off on her Vespa while Meredith and Cat are not looking and Doug is composing, as she won't be bringing either license to Seattle.
Sunday we celebrated the birthdays of two of her four grandchildren with the rest of the family in Hamburg, where they all live, and I brought Doug's video 0f his "Amphibian"; thopse who saw it with M and me (Laura and Fabian) were amazed and admiring; the others (8 in total) wiil see it in time, as we left (loaned) it to them to view at their leisure. Margrit was especially impressed!!!
So was I!!!
Volunteering at concerts away from the Cuckuck's Nest is something I'd like (love!!) to do too when I'm in Seattle, so PLEASE let me know and sign me up; there IS life in the normal world in Seattle; how about forming YOUR Composers' Workshop at Cornish, a great place for experimentation; its graduate, John Carlson, the "House Composer" for plays here at the Staatstheater is also a Cornish grad and much of his music is improvised -- by HIM, not by random. I do not believe in random composition; it must come from the composer's own imagination, sense of music, and/or improvisation; Boulez is not my ideal, but he was right in this disagreement with Cage.

2:29 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Congratulations Sir Savant:

I did find that book and came to that conclusion at the end of the last posting, when really all I had to do was read on and you had had a brain fart and solved the entire conundrum by yourself. Kudos to you, sir!

Yet Anonomann still refers to the book as THREE SWANS, so I guess I am still confused. Perhaps there are two books?

Great to read your burst of response, and the state of your mind and emotions as you settle in at home, at the library, the Staatsbibliothek. You both make the book sound grand, beyond Pearl S. Buck I presume.

That video of Doug driving in Lake Washington in his "Amphibian",(I can't quite recall its given name now, something like "Gottvies") is a corker. I want him to do another venture onto the brimy blue, and get one of the TV news shows to cover it, but so far it is no dice with Dougie. He did mention that he heard some strange noises coming out of the machine during the last voyage. Perhaps something is breaking.

Great suggestions for volunteering, and keeping Lane's hand in with the composing and music theory and composition classes.


8:28 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

"Wild Swans" it is, Butch.
Although searching at random can sometimes bring serendipitous results
"Wild Swans" is the most poignant history (herstory?) about China's 20th century.
20th by our calendar, thiers is somewhat older.
Visualizing it from the personal point of view is much more involving, being about people instead of mass movement or ideology.

10:37 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Hey, it came me in a flash, the name of the amphibian was GOKWIIS. I wrote several adventures in free verse about it months ago. I was around during the conception and construction of it, but I missed out on the maidenhead voyage.

God, sir, you are such a book worm. If I get to reading all the (7) Richard Brautigan books I picked up since you introduced him to me, it will take away from my movie viewing time; which we both know is precious to me and all consuming.


11:49 AM  

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