Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wild and Crazy

I realize that society expects me to blog every day, faithfully, like a good little raving lunatic, but I don't feel like it today.
I'm just going to do whatever I want today, and I'm not even going to tell you what it is.
It might be carving parts for the two violin projects I have started, it might be working on some crazy invention, or etude or even symphony.
Putting new tires on the VW, whacking weeds in the yard, wiring the kitchen lights.

You'll just have to guess.

Riding my peugeot Fidelio, paddling my canoe, sculling my shell.

You'll never know.

On the internet nobody can hear you laugh!

Ha Ha.........see what I mean? You didn't hear a thing, did you?



Blogger butch said...

I wonder if a tree falls in cyber space if doesn't mean shit to a stump? Actually I am not looking forward to that day when we will be able to "see" each other on line. Just the words are fine for now.

Was it Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd who were the "wild and crazy" guys on SNL? I think so. My guess for your activities yesterday would be yes, you did some carving on the two violin projects, using some of the scrap wood from your home improvement projects --and this carving took several more hours than you intended, which pissed you off so you had to take a nap to calm down. Hell, you haven't put new tires on the VW bus, that old green monster with the painting of the Ferrari on its sides, since 1976 --so you shined that task. You will wait until some tires are on sale, and you can get some more free beef. You awoke from your late morning's slumber with a slight headache, so you decided you sure as hell could not go outside and whack the weeds feeling that way. So perhaps you took a whack at writing some music, which again became hours of activity, and you were not happy with the results; but then you rarely are. It is like my writing, when I like it, no one else gives a shit. Except for the priviledge of contributing to several blogs, like the Tacoma Film Club, and my aunt's 1millionstories, and of course the fantastic FEEL FREE TO LAUGH, my wit, my philosophy, my line of BS, would slide by as unnoticed as the brief week the poppies are out in the corner of the garden, back by my garage; bright orange and lewd, daring anyone to pick them. We usually just whack them off after they begin to droop. As to wiring the kitchen lights, that has been on Meredith's "honey-do list" for ages, and you just were not into the mind set for electronic tasks; other than some of the sounds you got your computer to make as you composed some fine lines and notes, some contata, some plumber's symphony. You did stare at your Peugeot Fidelio considering pedaling it to the store to get some milk, but then decided to drive one of your many vehicles instead. If I remember correctly, your canoe is not sea worthy, requiring some level of care and repair, and if you have a shell to scull, it must hang out in your dark basement --that I just have not checked out yet. By the way, while you are inventing, maybe come up with some kind of prostate pressure device that can measure the state of that little jewel without having a doctor stick their finger up and ass and wave at thier Uncle Bob, or train a tapeworm to use a digital camera so that it could perform a colonoscapy without you hardly noticing it, and then eject the thumb drive through one of your orifices, so that you could plug it into your computer and go on the great pollop hunt. Or maybe you could invent a small brochure to tell us what to do in hour 5 or hour 6 of a pharmacologically induced erection secondary to an overdose of viagra. Remember that the secrets of life, the wisdom of the universe, are all inside jobs; look inward, son, look to yourself, into yourself. You will be surprised and pleased with the results.

Well, compadres, this is the great
two week kiss off, or sign off, as Melva and I do our prep this afternoon and evening for our Road Trip. Perhaps with my fat fingers off this blog comments section, some of the old gang of contributors will re-emerge. Where are you, Robin? And several other old friends like Kristi and Sharon and others who monitor this blog site, but do not take the time to make a comment.


5:48 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Have a nice trip, Melva and Glenn

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonomann hat gesagt "Gute Reise, Melva und Glenn"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MARGRIT(!!) hat gesagt (English translation) "Maybe we should show our appreciation to Meredith and Lane by planting something they like in their garden. I mention this because you mention in this Blog clearing some of the jungle outside what will be for two weeks Margrit's room. She is not only a "Lovely Librarian" but also a "Lovely Gardener", especially when she gardens in her bikini, which she does in our garden here. We have been working daily there to get things in shape for (1) a visit yesterday by my best friends here, who are also avid gardeners and fellow Socialists and (2) her two week absence from our plants here.
Tschüß und bis bald,
Lovely Gardener und Ugly Anonmann

2:28 AM  

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