Friday, April 20, 2007

Seattle Symphony harassment suit

The brainless weasels are at it again.
I am still getting mail inviting me to come to thier shows!
I realize that an old fart white male like me has no rights in this
fascist environment, why couldn't I be a little old lady spilling coffee on myself at McD's?
Or get any $ympathy for my public embarassment, or my psychological anguish
Gawd! I pay my taxes. Where are my equal rights!
Leave me alone, Ginny Matheson, human resource director of the Seattle Symphony,
you are doing this just to rub your sick feeling of power in my face!
You don't even have the courage to explain your rationalizations for your illegal actions against me. You call buying a ticket and expecting to attend the event "defiance". You call my talking a friend on the public sidewalk "confrontational".
Then you send me an invitation to hear Renee Fleming sing.
Get your head out of your ass, look in a mirror, you are sick. Get some help.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ginny, that's the one I'm talking about. She's so Butch. I Love it!

9:31 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Personally, I resemble, no I mean I resent that remark. I was nicknamed "Butch" by my sainted mother because I was a tuff toddler, built like a sumi wrestler, or a fireplug in diapers; and what a strapping 240 pound piece of excrement I have grown into in my almost 63 years. Anyway, the first time I heard a lesbian bull dyke called "butch", it chapped my ass. How dare these sick bitches use my nickname! I think I was 6 years old at that point. Actually I think it is kind of cute now, flattering in a way, appealing to the feminine side of my nature; you know, creativity, sensitivity, affection, love; all that girly crap. I just saw the trailer for the remake of HAIRSPRAY, with John Travolta playing the mother in drag. What a sight that is. Just because J. Edgar Hoover wore a dress and took it up the ass behind closed doors, just because Alfred Hitchcock sometimes would wear a dress to the set just to make the bosses crazy, and I guess he liked the way the material felt on his fat hairy thighs --well pilgrim, that does not mean Marion Morrison, I mean John Wayne, I mean the Duke, ever sold out. He was so macho he always was embarressed to kiss a woman on screen. He usually just grabbed her like was going to punch her in the throat, and then he would give her a closed mouth smooch so fast the camera had to wind backwards to see what the hell happened.

As to SSO, and the flotsam they have hired to run things --I think you need to consider going to the ACLU, or whoever they are, and find out what your "legal" rights are. My first in-laws were Jewish, and they made a tidy second income sueing everyone. My mother-in-law was short and plump, and if she was struggling to get out of her car at a mall, and she slipped, she usually sued the Mall, and usually won a few bucks. Harassment suits are clogging the judicial system, so perhaps you could swear one out, or process one against the bigoted bullshit artists at SSO.

Ginny Matheson sounds like one informed citizen, and a cracker jack administrator. Does she even know who you are, or are the Palmers and Savants just lingering on sucker lists to be pumped through the postal for more bucks; just mindless meandering for profit?

Wouldn't it be a gas if some turd over there, is it on the 5th floor, actually reads your blog, or someone at SSO does, maybe even the tantalizing tart "M", and they are planning some covert action that will make fabulous reporting on this blog?

Actually if you want to pick up some extra cash, collect a baggie of rat tails, whiskers, and earthworms, and insect parts, and go have a meal at Mickey D's, and spew those goodies on one of their Southwestern salads, then jump up and take several crystal clear photos of the disgusting plate, and scream for a manager. Then sue their asses off, get on the 6pm news, and while on camera just happen to mention that if the public were really interested in dealing with injustice someone should ask you about SSO. You might even say,"You think this is somenthing, don't even ask me about the SSO!" Some newshound or do-gooder will bite on the tidbit, and you will be off to the races, right?


12:41 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

ACLU won't even answer my letter.
City of Seattle gave me the runaround ending where I started.
One lawyer talked my ear off and didn't really let me explain myself
Another lawer never answered my written request for a mere opinion.
screw 'em all. Phooey

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not the "Anonymous" in comment Nr. 1.
I agree with Butch that, maybe, you now have a right to sue the SSO for harassment when they/she/ their lawyer send(s) you mail con- tinually and tell you not to meet a friend on a city street -- and still sends you mail inviting you to a concert. Keep that piece of mail as an indication that they do not really intend to ban you from their premises.
One reason I plan to spend less time in Seattle is the SSO and their actions, including chargione more (MUCH more) for a seat in the 3rd balcony than for the 2nd and alos more than for some seats downstairs. I also volunteer for the State Theater over here, and when I told them about the SSO pricing policy one wag said I should suggest the policy maker should audition for a part in the current production here of "One flew over the Cuckcucksnest".
The main reason for spending more time over here is that I finally met the Woman-of-my-Dreams over here and want to spend much more time here among her and other sane people here than in the Cuckcucks- nest where you are. So, again, is any one of your (hopefully, deservedly) many readers willing to rent a room to a person who will be spending Jan, Feb, and July in Seattle (at $300-500 per 30 days when I'm in Seattle and $50-$100 per 30 days when I'm not in Seattle). They can please let you know and you can let me know when I am once again in Seattle, which will be quite soon, as I want to catch at least one "Boheme" with Gun-Brit Barkmin as Mimi. Speight hired her after I pestered him repeatedly, and he did NOT sue me for harassment, but heard her and hired her over here. Anyway, you know who I am and you can (please) relay any such room-offers to me; you can also tell the person that I am sane and reliable, as we were (un- fortunately, thanks to the SSO 5th floor, no longer) once colleagues. I'm sure I could get along with any person intelligent enough and compassionate enough to read your super Blogspot.

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did not write all in my above "Kommentar" (as Anonymous Nr. 2) that I should have. Here two things I should add:
The rent I am willing to pay depends on the size of the room and its location (I do not have a car and need to be nesr a bus line that also runs at night, as when I'm in Seattle, I like to attend operas, plays, and (yes, also) concerts.
The 2nd thing I'd like to add is that you should visit the ACLU office IN PERSON. It is easier to toss letters in the wastebasket than to answer them -- and (unless you are the SSO guarded by an army of badge-wearing security officers) harder to physically evict a visitor to their office. The ACLU is the ONLY USA organization to which I donate money; if they refuse to consider your legitimate complaint about the way the SSO is treating/harassing(!!) you I'll consider terminating my membership, though I greatly admire the way they help other people mistreated by the "establishment".
You have my VERY best wishes!!!!!!!

2:00 AM  
Blogger butch said...

I just adore "Anonymous", both of you, or all three of you. Take this advice Lane, and slap it to those SSO vermin. They need an attitude adjustment. It is more than enough to live under the Bush Fascist reality, and every day watch dozens more of our young people have their legs and genitals blown off, and suffer irepairable traumatic brain injury. Iraq makes View Nam look like a sane operation. Bush makes Nixon look like a wise man. Where is Jesus when you need him. Some divine entity needs to reach down and pluck George W. Bush up by the short hairs, and blow his legs off. I doubt that he would suffer TBI; he hasn't got the brains for it. So there we sit with the 6pm news blaring the same shit at us day in and day out; 12 more American GI's were killed today with a roadside bomb. Bush's numbers are in the toilet. Revolution is foamenting like the froth on cow piss. People are becoming wild-eyed and deperate.

So now is the perfect opportunity for Lane Savant to have the face down with the 5th Floor Gestapo, and use the media to cover it. Your loyal readership, both of us, will stand behind sir --way behind you.

Now would be a perfect segue for some more excellent Richard Brautigan poetry, wouldn't you say?

Any thought that I have right now
isn't worth a shit because I'm totally
fucked up.

We meet. We try. Nothing happens, but
afterwards we are always embarrassed
when we see each other. We look away.

I talked a good hello
but she talked an even
better good-bye.

There are days when that is the last place
in the world where you want to be but you
have to be there, like a movie, because it
features you.

For fear you will be alone
you do so many things
that aren't you at all

The thought of her hands
touching his hair
makes me want to vomit.

I'll affect you slowly
as if you were having
a picnic in a dream.
There will be no ants.
It won't rain.

At the guess of a simple hello
it can all begin
toward crying yourself to sleep,
wondering where the fuck
she is.

The sexual accident
that turned out to be your wife,
the mother of your children
and the end of our life, is home
cooking dinner for all your friends.

Fuck me like fried potatoes
on the most beautifully hungry
morning of my God-damn life.

Things slowly curve out of sight
Until they are gone. Afterwards
Only the curve

A face concocted from leftovers of other faces
needs a mirror put together from pieces of
broken mirrors.

I was dive-bombing the lower
emotions on a typical yesterday
I had sworn never to do it again.
I guess never's too long a time to stay
out of the cockpit
with the wind screaming down the wings
and the target almost praying itself into your

August 30


That's how I

October 5

Nobody knows what the Portfolio is worth
but it's better than sitting on your hands,
I keep telling myself.

Man,this dude just makes me want to take five hours off and whip out reams of poetry --to let every whim, every bitch, every passion just all hang out. Thanks again for bringing him to my attention. And now, thanks to me, we are both bringing Brautigan to the cyber world's attention, or some shit like that.


7:15 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Anon, We have a room available. We are on the #7 bus line that goes downtown. Meredith says it's O.K.
e-mail me.
Or call

10:26 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Lane & Anonymous in the same domicile --the thought boggles the mind. That is terrific news! It sounds like our German freund needed some possibilities and closure "soon", and now he has it. God only knows what plots you will hatch, or what maneuvers you might perpetrate by putting your actual heads together. Wunderbar! Incredible! And it sounds cool too. Even the departed Richard Brautigan would give his heartfelt endorsement, I am sure.


10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Herzlichsten Dank, Lane und Meredith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Es wird besonders interessant im selben Haus mit dem Verfasser dieses ausgezeichneten Blogspot zu wohnen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Das einzige Problem (für die SSO, nicht fuer mich) ist das die Nr. 7 Buslinie häelt vor der Tür der SSO, "enemy territory!!"; will I be arrested by SSO (In-)security if I catch my bus in front of their barricade?????????????????
Again, I suggest that you visit the ACLU office and discuss your problem with them. An ACLU case against the SSO would certainly make the news and maybe cause some empty and diseased heads to roll!!
As for G. Matheson, do you read "Dilbert"?? If so, isn't G.M. the prototype for "Catbert"??
I'd love to challenge the SSO if they try to arrest me for boarding a bus in front of their fortress.
Margrit, my Significant Other just now came to where I am at the computer in the State Library here where she (the "lovely Librarian" according to Speight) volunteers in retirement on Mondays and I use a computer there Mondays to read your super Blogspot and "michaelm" and "Think Denk" and "Schmaltzuberalles (the ü there with no Umlaut). I showed her your VERY welcome offer and we are both überallemassen happy about it. She envisioned me decaying in a motel room (if not jail thanks to SSO and/or "DubW") during my ventures into their sick world. Thanks greatly!!!! This is my answer to your MOST kind offer, in lieu of e-mail. I will contact you when I am in Seattle for Frau Barkmin's Mimi. I suspect you know who I am; I am the one you "confronted" (on a freindly visit) on the city street in front of the Cuckcucksnest that afternoon.

2:51 AM  

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