Tuesday, April 17, 2007

All about that strange state between sleep and awake

What lies behind us and
What lies before us are
Tiny things compared to
What lies within us

I think Robert Louis Stevenson said that.

What lies within me right at the moment are about 352 sore muscles,
421 sore bones, a headache, and a desire to sleep for a week.
The retiling of the kitchen floor is about half done and I am about
88.3658 per cent done in.

Personally, I think that what lies behind me IS what lies before me.
I've done all this stuff before and I didn't get it right then either.

History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.

Mark Twain said that.

I'll let 'cha be in my dream if I kin be in yours.

Bob Dylan said that.

I'm sooo fwiggin tired!

Marlene Schtupp said that.

Other people have said other things from time to time, and all has been said before.
In fact everything was said before written language was even invented.
Written language was invented so that people with land, money, and slaves could claim these said things and copyright them so that others had to pony up to say things they had been saying all along.
Lawyers, pfagh!!

It might not have been Marlene, But I'm sure it was one of the Schtupp sisters.

No foolin' I'm really tired. I am 21 per cent this side of blotto.
I would like to end this blog now, but I don't have the energy.

Did'ja hear the one abou the guy... full asleap ad hzz keabr...d.


Blogger butch said...

I sensed that your inactivity on the blog was secondary to some task, some great work your were engaged in. Retiling of the kitchen floor sounds like a fantastic use of your sensrimotor skills and your mechancical aptitude. Besides that Meredith asked you to do it, right? Living in an old woodframe two story house perched on the edge of an embankment, overlooking Lake Washington --is more a work in progress than an abode, one would assume. I love your home, but with my physical issues, I could not deal with your steep street, and your several sets of stairs.

I am certainly impressed with any narrative that can quote Robert Louis Stevenson, Mark Twain, and Bob Dylan right out of the gate. Stevenson sounded like a bit of a metaphysician. The universe lies within us. The FANTASTIC JOURNEY is just the awareness, the medatative state that allows us to see God within ourselves, and to take credit for co-creating our perception of our physical reality. But hell, everyone knows that. I do not know what the deuce Samuel Clemens was warbling about. History certainly does repeat itself, ad infinitum, ad nauseam, and most often it does not rhyme, it more specifically gives us the illusion of the passage of time, and something to think about, and reflect upon, and remember, and write books about, and get college degrees in; history, what a reality. Rhyming is something else again. ab, ab, cd, cd, and so on, strong iambics. I prefer the internal and subtle rhymes within free verse, where the ideas chime and rhyme. I think I first dug that reading Walt Whitman. Simple rhymes, like our dear and revered rap artists promulgate, falls within the pervue of pre-adolescents, perverts, and mental invertebrates. Like Bruce Willis said in one of his films, when the bad guy said,"I want you to feel pain!", replying,"Christ...do you want me to be in pain? Play some rap music!"

As to the lactic acid in your sore muscles old man, that amazes me. You are still in pretty good shape for a septagenerian. Imagine how we old fat farts would feel endeavoring to keep up with you for ten minutes.

Bob Dylan said a lot of shit, most of it non-sequiters. If you want to feel and read the poetry within lyrics, check out more Leonard Cohen. Neither one of them can sing a lick, but no one seems to mind.
Here are some "Sleep" facts:

Sleep is the state of natural rest observed in most mammals, birds, fish, as well as invertebrates such as the fruitfly Drosophila. It is characterized by a reduction in voluntary body movement, decreased reaction to external stimuli, an increased rate of anabolism (the synthesis of cell structures), and a decreased rate of catabolism (the breakdown of cell structures). In humans, mammals and many other animals which have been studied, such as fish, birds, mice, ants and fruitflies, regular sleep is necessary for survival. The capability for arousal from sleep is a protective mechanism and also necessary for health and survival.

I don't know about the Schtupp sisters, but that quote sounds more like one of Elmer Fudd's. Mel Blanc did over 300 different character voices in his 55 year career. He was one strange cat. I do know more about the Butt sisters, Bertha and Beatrice; the booty shakers and world thumpers from Berlin.

Your points about language versus written word are well taken. I wonder if we trudged back to somewhere between pithacantrupus erectus and Cro Magnum, leap frogging over Neanderthal, who now they believe existed in tandem with the more modern man --when would we find the pictographs on the cave walls becoming "words", written in what, shit, blood, frog entrails? But then we get into the whole controversy regarding man's thousands of languages, and how God punished us for being bad boys and girls, and made it so we would have difficulty in communicating.

God, man, if you crashed out at 4:16pm, did you miss your dinner?


6:05 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Mz Schtupp was the singer in "Blazing Saddles"

9:06 AM  

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