Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Opera lovers

Don't forget to check out my new link "Opera"
Also don't forget to read "Think Denk"
JD's latest is priceless.


Blogger butch said...

I love this Jeremy Denk. What a card, and quite a scribe too. He seems to have a tremendous sense of humor. I guess that's how one survives living in NYC, surrounded by "persona of fungible sexuality", where one has to put up with two men making out in line for a burger. Is your blog the only palatable Opera News for WA state? Maybe you could steal JD's literary jibe, that is to have a ficticious reporter follow you around on one of your "days". Then you could be self-deprecating or braggadocio about your mean self. It could be a gas. I have approached that concept twice in my comments, throwing you or Lane Savant into imaginary scenarios.

Your other link OPERA is also some dude out of NYC, who also has a sharp tongue and razor sense of humor. Too bad some of know spit about Opera. But hey, some people know spit about the history of cinema, and they still go to the movies and form opinions of them, right?


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