Friday, April 08, 2011

Tour de Beacon hill country.

18.18 miles, no yellow jersey.
Not that I didn't have the fastest time.
I had the only time,
And no jersey, of any color, was offered.
I did get up to 32.8 mph, but only averaged 8.9
Took 2.02 hours.
Lots of hills there, had to walk one of 'em.
Explored several dead ends (sometimes there are paths)looking for a way off the hill to the waterfront.
Ended up using Columbian-Spokane street ramp to the industrial area.
Didn't go to the waterfront, didn't want to do that big a ride.
puffed and panted my way back to Airport and thence to M.L.K-Henderson-Renton-Roxbury.


April is looking up.

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