Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hangover today

O.K. Trying to maintain this silly grin, pretending that I'm so friggen happy that I get this wonderful opportunity to sit here and write my very own
music is beginning to make my ears sag and my teeth hurt.
Making fun of my own stupid self, even if I deserve it, wears after a while.


The victory isn't mine, is it.

Great day for them, but I'm still barred from Benaroya hall.
I don't even get a back entrance standing room spot.
Did want to hear the S.F. with MTT.
Would like to hear his symphonic brass piece.

But no, I'm threatened with arrest if I so much as show up on their side of the street.
No point in bearing it nobly.
Might as well be obnoxious.

Screw the little gang of fascist punks!

I wonder if a day of feeling O.K. about the world is worth this aftermath.
It certainly cured me of drinking to excess.

And driving too fast.


Blogger kransberg-talvi said...

Doug, it's outrageous that you're barred from Benaroya.

Why are colleagues and "friends" so complacent in allowing you to be treated this way?

This current regime at 3rd and Union sickens me...

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!!
I agree with Ms. Kransberg-Talvi!!
Further, the "Security" watchdogs have changed so much since the initial ban that the curerent ones would not recognize you, so give it a try tonite when MTS's Brass piece will be performed.
The most that could happen would be for them to ask you to leave and refund your ticket price, so you would only be "out" bus fare and a couple of hours on the bus.
If you do go, you';d hear a concert that the locals are unable to match!! MTT is the greatest conductor I have experienced in a l o n g time!!
Get brave and get a ticket and you'll get a concert youi'll remember for the rest of your life!!!

2:33 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Here's what you'll find if you search "Chutzpa" on this site.

Mr Douglas Palmer
Re Contact with th Seattle symphony
Dear Mr. palmer
The Seattle Symphony has again asked me to communicate with you regarding your conduct. I understand that on Monday, January 8 at approximately 9:15 you were again on the property of Benaroya Hall. You have been specifically instructed not to enter onto that property. Your entrance onto the property served no purpose other than to provoke a confrontation.
You are again reminded that you are not permitted on Benaroya Hall property. Further
entrance on the property will lead to contact with the police to have you removed.
Very Truly yours
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Mark Berry (signature)
cc Ginny Matheson

Now a letter dated January 24 2007
Dear Douglas
Thank you for being a Seattle Symphony volunteer! You play a very important role in helping the Symphony enrich, engage, and educate hundreds of thousands of people each year.
The SSO volunteers are a special group of people who share a wonderful camaradie and passion for symphonic music. Everyone's individual contribution continues to have a profound impact on helping the Symphony function successfully as an organization. I feel honored to work with such dedicated individuals who share so generously of their time.
I am now asking you to expand your involvement and investment in the Symphony by renewing your support of the Annual Fund. This important fund helps provide for the Symphony's areas of greatest need, such as musicians' salaries, guest artists and educational programming.
Ticket sales cover only half of our operating expenses, making contributed income crucial to the Symphony. By supporting the Annual Fund, you are helping the Symphony realize it's extraordinary mission to provide the highest quality music for the cultural enrichment of our community.
Please consider joining me by renewing your support today. You can make a donation or pledge by completing the form attached to the enclosed brochure and sending it to the Symphony. For more information, please call the Symphomy's Development office at 206 215 4846
Thank you again for all you do for the Symphony, and for your thoughtful consideration of my request.
Evelyn Simpson
President, SSV Executive Board
P.S. As a valued Symphony member, you will enjoy an exciting array of donor benefits such as invitations to Open Rehearsals; Behind the Scenes events with the Guest Artists; 2-for=1 concert coupons and access to the Norcliffe Founders Room, Seattle Symphony's elegant donor lounge and Wolfgang Puck restaurant, which is now available to donors at the $250 and above levels.

Nice to be so loved and appreciated, isn't it?

5:02 PM  
Blogger kransberg-talvi said...

Doug, I would take this up with a qualified and aggressive attorney...

6:50 PM  
Blogger butch said...

Finally, it is back to the scaling of the SSO behemoth bitches. It is good to haul this incident, this smear to your bad self, this insult, this absurdity, out for public consumption and awareness.

I wonder if Kransberg-talvi has a valid point. Would it be worth it to you to actually fight this? Attorneys are just rapists in expensive suits, but if you legally rub SSO's nose in their own offal, perhaps you could attend those concerts you like, and maybe even rejoin Soundbridge as a volunteer. Why not? Stand tall, and reach deep into your vast landlord's pockets and come up with the 3 thousand dollars, at least, that it will cost you to shake your fist and wave the bird at the SSO pricks. Of course, it will cost them nothing, to win or to lose, the assholes. That is the way of such things.

It has been some time since we re-read "those letters". They still pack emotional punch, and swirl our ile, boil our bile, and generally piss us all off. This is America, goddamn it, and if a God fearing half deaf bearded composer cannot enjoy the rights given to a non-English speaking Asian or Hispanic, then what the hell is it all about? Perhaps write your Senator about this. The Seattle Times just shined you on, if I recall.

Reading all the years worth of archives over on Joy Harjo's blogsite, which is: for those who are interested--gives me the false sense that I am getting to know Joy, the person. Had the same sensation when I did my research on Sherman Alexie, and scoured the archives on Alex Shapiro's blog, and Rick Mobbs. What am I, some kind of cyber vampire? Perhaps, but it's fun, enit?


5:53 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

I tried to talk to one lawyer or rather, he yammered at me for ten minutes or so.
Another never answered my call.
The city gave me the usual run around ending up exactly where I started, learning that there's a six month time limit on filing complaints.
But, apparently, not on SSO's offense itself.
ACLU didn't give a damn.
None of these people would even answer the question about the legitimacy of SSO's action.
So the SSO lost my season subscription and my 1000 volunteer hrs and I gained the Rainier, Philharmonia NW, The Seattle Phil, and the Chamber Music Society.
My school training on how to be a second class citizen has served me well, in the Army, working for a living, trying to run my pathetic repair shop, and the SSO.

6:18 PM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

What?? Seriously barred?

"What a character!" they will rejoice centuries form now.

4:57 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

The first letter was dated two days after the second.
They actually told me to get lost a year earlier, in '06, so I had almost forgotten about it.
The offense mentioned was having a cup of coffee in the Starbuck's and talking to a friend on the sidewalk on 2nd ave.
Yeah, Jannie, it will look good in my bio.

9:02 AM  

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