Tuesday, August 05, 2008


And the livin' is lazy
I've been mainly sleeping
Although I did mow the dandelions yesterday.
Tonight is the "night out" block party thing.
We're bringing potato salad and some "chewy noels"


I got two cellists lined up only to find that I missed
getting in the salon this time.
Next time is December 5

Oops, 'scuse me, I nodded off there a bit.
Just resting my eyes.

I feel old as yonder stone...

hithering thithering night.


Blogger butch said...

I swear, Dougie, you take more naps than a cat--something I have noticed other retired persons also do. Pehaps it falls within the pervue of retirement. Nice to hear that you and the yellow flowers had another run in. Where is the block party held, in the street? Who sets up the tables and chairs?

Sad to hear that you missed the next salon. Hope the aforementioned cellists stay "lined up".

You are as old as yonder stone, as old as dirt, and yet just a blink in the eye of God, a partial breath in the winds of the cosmos. I applaud how you are conducting your autumn years, how you take the time to pursue your interests, and stay busy with your handyman and artisan tasks, and you ride the wheels off Fidelio. Has the new chain worked out on the bike?

Today is your downtown Seattle adventure. Maybe this week you will include us, the lifeless, bloodless lot who hang on your every word and symbol and synapse.


6:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
The block party was a great idea; they were also very nuch a custom in the (unfortunately-) former German Democratic Republic. When I told Margrit about it, she was therefor very excited about that happening here in the not-so-democratic Bush-Land.
I VERY muchnenjoyed the block party and met some wonderful people there!!! We DO live in a great neighborhood; thanks to you and Meredith for making this possible for me!!!

5:22 PM  

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