Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Nice Day

A few weeks ago, Meredith was invited on a tour by the school where she volunteers as library assistant. She came home with two free passes to the EMP.
Yesterday because David is on a well deserved vacation, I had no class to go to, so I thought it would be a good time to use the passes.
Bus downtown for the usual stuff then monorail to the center.

"Let's do it" she says.

The bus arrived just as we reached the street and took us down the hill where we had a choice of downtown bound buses. We opted for the #36 because it's a different route than the usual #7. Also the official language on the #36 is Chinese instead of the Spanish of the #7. It's less embarrassing to hear other peoples conversations when you can't understand what they are saying.
I ride the #7 so much I'm starting to feel like I can understand the language.

We disembarked on 3rd and Seneca and slogged up the hill to the library.
Meredith looked for knitting literature while I logged in and watched the Zappa clip over on Soho the dog ("Le Chien Soho" for people who like that sort of thing, Glenn)

We walked over to the monorail terminal, only to find Gideon's bible, sorry, I mean only to find that the monorail is out of service for awhile.
So we tromped back to 3rd and waited for a #3 to take us to the center.
After a wait of about 15 min, we got a ride to the center and used the far edge of the transfers we got in Rainier valley.
3 dollars total for a the whole trip.

As we approached the place, I decided that, inasmuch as I have to live with it, I might as well try to like the odd building.
Oddness itself is a plus for me, anyway.
Plus the curves, I like that, and the colors, all very nice.
And the little square female heads on the bolts or screws that hold the panels on gives the impression that it could be disassembled and repaired.
Or just disassembled ..

But, inside it's much like a cave.
A cave dedicated to the social phenomenon we were told to ignore at the schools we were going to when it was happening.
Stuff we were to consider "bad", "frivolous", anti American, even.
Rock and Roll as a communist plot.
Little miss J. Edith Hoover investigated the "Louie, Louie" because of its "indecipherable lyrics"
What a hoot.
The government doesn't seem to have gotten any smarter since, though, has it?

But we have, haven't we?

Having had little to eat and drink we spent the first half hour at the bar with a Coke (whoops, Pepsi, and a Caesar salad.

So after that we entered the paid for section and found the whole Jimi Hendricks saga thoroughly displayed

And the history of R&R and it's Latin American counterparts

And lots and lots of guitars.

Learning kiosks where one can practice various instruments
Little recording studios where one can record one's lack of talent.

In all the noise of the practice kiosks, I heard no one keeping a beat.

Charming, actually.

I didn't get to play with any of the displays, but I'm sure my talent would stand up to that, I can't keep a beat either.

After the music, we went to the Science fiction end of the building and examined another proscripted social phenomenon of our youth.

The difference between the two phenoms being that the music has had a powerfully liberating influence on the human experience and science fiction and its poor sad relation, science, has had virtually no useful effect at all.

But it was fun.
There are some awesome video displays covering projections of "the future" from "The Jetsons" through "Bladerunner" and beyond.

Plus lots of props costumes and robots from "Star Trek" and many other movies, magazines, TV shows and what all.

There was a special display of "Robots" (you know, the people who put your cars together) including a rack of toy robots.

While on the bus, a very crowded bus, back downtown we decided, since we didn't have to be anywhere, anytime, ever again, that dinner at the Pike Place Brewery would be an appropriate addition to our peregrinations.

Garlic shrimp and a Kilt Lifter for her and Salmon stuffed with shrimp and an XXXXX stout for me.

Molto Buon Gusto! (you can correct my Italian, if that's what it is, if you like, i don't care)

Once again the bus home was virtually waiting for us (they run a lot of #7s)
Not only that, it turned out to be a free ride.
Which didn't work so well because it was a "Rainier Beach" #7 which doesn't go up the hill, meaning we had to transfer to a "Prentice Street" #7 which they charged us for.

Still, the trip cost let me see here, $3 going out $3 to the Pike and $3.50 home,
What have we got? $9.50 against at least a gallon and a half of gas plus what, 3hours parking at the center plus another hour downtown, or four hours parking downtown plus two $3 bus rides to and from the center.

What a deal!

This is the Disney hall in L.A.

Where the L.A. Philharmonic gets to play.

The EMP doesn't look anything at all like this.

Nice place.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane (+Meredith),
Glad you had such a great time at the EMP and the PPB (Pike Place Brew.)!!
For others coming by bus into town to go to the EMP, don't takke the Monorail (you have to pay extra for it), but use the transfer you get on the bus into town to take the 3 or 4 or 16 bus on Third; they all stop right at the Monorail and don't cost extra.

The 36 (ad the 39) bus route is far more scenic from Rainier Beach into town than the 7, and the fellow trvelers are nicer.

5:17 PM  
Blogger butch said...

Gosh, what a lot of bus talk. I guess when the living is easy, and time is no longer a concern, buses can be a "practical" consideration. In Sumner I live 25 miles from the office. It take me about 19 minutes to drive there. If I were to take a bus in Sumner, I would have to transfer in Puyallup to get to Tacoma, and then transfer in Lakewood to get to the hospital. This would take almost an hour and 40 minutes, weather permitting. But Doug makes a great point for the retired set. He saved a pile of pesos by bussing it.

I have never had the inclination, the cash, or the time to visit the EMP. It does sound kind of neat, especially the Sci Fi museum. I think I rode the monorail about 12 years ago on one of my jaunts into Seattle to show off the Seattle Center to my three stepdaughters. I was still able to walk further then. I remember 14 years ago taking them all to the UofW campus and showing them around, and how tremendously bored they were. "Just a bunch of old buildings," one of them said--but that might have been the same child who while we stood peering into the Grand Canyon said,"Big deal--it's just a hole in the ground."

But all in all your Wednesday did sound like a good day, a day of fun rediscovering what is in your own backyard.


5:42 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Actually, Meredith had the same problem trying to find a bus route for the five miles from here to work.
About an hour and a half was as fast as it could be -
so she bought the Vespa

8:32 PM  

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