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Columbia, the gem of Rainier Avenue

Thanks to a friend of mine who sings in the band, I found a nightclub variety show in Columbia city.
Accordian & voice by Amy Denio, A hypnotist, Comedy improv, a jumprope genius, and other fun stuff.
No Guinness, however.
The band is named......uhh...Cheese something; Cheese louise?, no...Cheese Schrisht?,
Cheese factory? I don't remember. They were good. But My friend, Katy, didn't get any solos.
Other than that, It was a typical Wedensday. Bus, Ladro, Library, walk, school, Cafe Victrola. I'll have to find out where that name comes from.
We used to have a Victrola, had to wind it up to play scratchy, breakable, foot-wide records. Spike Jones.
Turns out that Mel Brooks recently visited "The Old Vic", as nobody ever calls it.
As far as I know, Jeremy Denk and Mel Brooks never met either.
Nor did Mike Pretorius and "Lucy" Pavoratti.
It's a lonely world.

This is what Katy looks like


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you're a fan of Katy's, too.
-- Anonomann
P.S. Too bad she didn't get any solos!!

1:07 PM  
Blogger butch said...

Usually you scan pics just fine, but I can't get the pic of Katy to come out at all, at the office or at home.

Columbia City, wow. My first stepfather, Arnold, lived there for years. Clystie and I would visit him there when we thought he was our real father. Actually he was Clystie's Dad, just not mine. But that's another story. He used to take us, like in 1953, to a Drug Store that had a diner and grill in it, and we would get a real hamburger, and a real milk shake. You know the kind with real ice cream mixed up in the tall stainless steel containers, poured into a shake glass, and the extra left in the big container at your table. There were no fast food joints yet, so one had to go to a diner or a cafe to get a hamburger.

My grandparents, Pop & Mom-Mom, rented a place there too, in the 60's, right on the edge of the park, a block in, and west of Rainier Avenue. Per usual, Pop set up one of the bedrooms at his "studio" and that's where he would do his oil paintings. One of the state schools for the blind is on Alaska St. there, just off Rainier. So what was the name of this venue, this theatre, this club where you went for the entertainment? Was this entertainment occuring on Tuesday night, or Wednesday night?

God, we are old my friend. Yeah, we had one of those crank up Victrolas too, and a huge stack of vinyl records; big band stuff, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, and Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Eddie Fisher, Patti Page, and of course, Spike Jones. Do you remember an old movie he made called FIREMAN, SAVE MY CHILD?
Yeah, Spike Jones and His City Slickers. He had his own variety show on TV, twice in the 50's, and once in the 60's just before he died.

Spike Jones Filmography

"Burke's Law" .... Duke of Epsom (1 episode, 1964)
... aka Amos Burke, Secret Agent (USA: new title)
- Who Killed What's His Name? (1964) TV Episode .... Duke of Epsom
"The Spike Jones Show" (8 episodes, 1961)
- Episode #1.11 (1961) TV Episode
- Episode #1.10 (1961) TV Episode
- Episode #1.9 (1961) TV Episode
- Episode #1.8 (1961) TV Episode
- Episode #1.7 (1961) TV Episode
(3 more)
"Swinging Spiketaculars" (1 episode, 1960)
- Episode #1.2 (1960) TV Episode

"Club Oasis" .... Host / ... (3 episodes, 1958)
- Rockin' the Comic Strips (1958) TV Episode .... Host/Dick Racey/Stuporman
- Movie Themes (1958) TV Episode .... Host
- Episode dated 29 March 1958 (1958) TV Episode .... Host
"The Frank Sinatra Show" .... Bandleader (1 episode, 1958)
- Episode dated 4 April 1958 (1958) TV Episode .... Bandleader
"The Spike Jones Show" (20 episodes, 1957)
- Million Selling Records (1957) TV Episode
- Wild Wild World (1957) TV Episode
- Episode #1.19 (1957) TV Episode
- The Name Bands (1957) TV Episode
- Good Old Songs (1957) TV Episode
(15 more)
"The Spike Jones Show" .... Pinoccio / ... (19 episodes, 1954)
- Episode #1.19 (1954) TV Episode
- Episode #1.18 (1954) TV Episode
- Pinocchio (1954) TV Episode .... Pinoccio
- Episode #1.16 (1954) TV Episode
- Easter Show (1954) TV Episode
(14 more)
Fireman Save My Child (1954) .... Lt. McGinty
"The Colgate Comedy Hour" .... Host (2 episodes, 1951)
... aka Colgate Summer Comedy Hour (USA: summer title)
... aka Colgate Variety Hour (USA: sixth season title)
... aka Michael Todd Revue (USA: subtitle)
- Episode #2.3 (1951) TV Episode .... Host
- The Spike Jones Show (1951) TV Episode .... Host

Ladies' Man (1947) .... Spike Jones - City Slicker Band Leader
Pass the Biscuits, Mirandy (1942) .... Lead Hillbilly in Flat Hat

FIREMAN SAVE MY CHILD (1954) is one of those "lost" films. There is no VHS or DVD copies of it. It does not show up on TMC or TCM or AMC. Originally a vehicle for Abbott and Costello, the studio decided to go with Hugh O'Brian and Buddy Hackett, with Spike Jones thrown in for the gags. It probably was pretty silly. But when I was 10 years old, I loved it.

What the hell was schlockmeiter Mel Brooks doing in England at the Old Vic? You do now that Kevin Spacey has been the artistic director there for a year? Not doing a very good job according to the rumor mill.

I am so naive and ill-informed about classical music history. Are you referring to Michael Prerorius:

His real name was Michael Schultheiß (German for “mayor,” which in La­tin is “Praetorius”).

Beginning in 1585, Praetorius stu­died the­ol­o­gy at the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Frank­furt an der Oder, where he was al­so an or­gan­ist. In 1595 (or ear­lier—other sourc­es say 1592), he be­came court mu­si­cian to Duke Hein­rich Ju­li­us von Braun­schweig. The Duke’s Re­si­denz (roy­al seat) was not in Braun­schweig, but in a few miles away in Wolf­en­büt­tel. At first Prae­tor­i­us was the Duke’s or­gan­ist; in 1604, he was ap­point­ed mas­ter of the Duke’s court mu­sic. The in­scrip­tion around the por­trait at the left reads, “Mi­chael Prae­tor­i­us, of Creutz­burg [sic] in Thür­ing­en, the Duke of Bruns­wick Or­gan’s and Choir Mu­sic’s Mas­ter, at the age of thir­ty-five, in the year 1606.”

From 1613-1616, Prae­tor­i­us was in Dres­den, at the court of the Kur­fürst von Sach­sen (Elect­or of Sax­o­ny). Then he re­turned to Wolf­en­büt­tel, but from that time on, he tra­veled fre­quent­ly in cen­tral Ger­ma­ny and was very ac­tive as a mu­sic­al ad­vis­er and Or­gan­i­sa­tor (or­gan­iz­er).

He was not on­ly a com­pos­er, but al­so a mu­sic­ol­o­gist. From 1605 to 1610, he ed­it­ed Mu­sae Si­on­i­ae, a col­lect­ion of 1244 ar­range­ments of songs and hymns in 9 vol­umes. From 1615 to 1619, he ed­it­ed his 3-vol­ume Syn­tag­ma mu­sic­um, about sac­red and pro­fane mu­sic­ol­o­gy.

How hip to call Luciano by his nick name "Lucy":

There's been a change of plans. Luciano Pavarotti will not be in Bergamo tonight to receive the Donizetti Prize from the Italian city's music festival, as had been reported earlier this week. The widely-reported event was to be his first public appearance since his treatment for pancreatic cancer began last summer.

In compensation, according to local paper L'Eco di Bergamo, the 71-year-old tenor will speak over the telephone with Bergamo Music Festival director Francesco Bellotto, who will record a message from Pavarotti and play it to this evening's audience; this will be followed by the festival's final concert, of young singers selected and coached by the tenor performing arias from Donizetti operas. (The composer was born in Bergamo in 1797.)

Actually there is a chance since Jeremy Denk does frequent NYC that maybe he met Mel Brooks; who actually spends most of his time in LA anyway. Maybe Denk met Woody Allen --that would be almost as cool. I wonder if Lane Savant ever met actor Slash Phuque. He was hot stuff around the Seattle theatre scent in the 70's; or so they say.


7:13 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

I remember Slash. Wasn't he the CEO of Splash productions?

By "Old Vic" I meant Cafe Victrola, which isn't old. It's a pun on the famous British theatre.
Brooks was here promoting Young Frankenstein (sorry Fronkensteen) which is opening at the Paramount soonly. You remember the Paramount.
Cafe Victrola is three blocks east of the Paramount on Pine.

Columbia City Theater, I think, is Katy's venue, not to be confused with the Columbia City Cinema.
As far as I can tell, nothing that used to be in Columbia City is still. There.

9:56 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Hey, at home, I did get to see Katy's pic. She looks perky and full of spunk. I guess since this is Sea Fair weekend, and the hydroplane races are right there in your back yard, you will have some comments and views of that event. Hope so.


1:48 PM  

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