Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I built this thing, and it works. More later


Blogger Robin said...

Whoooooeeeeee! HOT wheels!!!!

4:37 PM  
Blogger butch said...

Christ, old man, you did something phenomonal --you defied gravity and the great God Argos. You built a sort-of sports car out of junk parts, parts you created in your basement forge, and some burning image you had in your mind, and you got ten kinds of resin, and you sealed it up, and figured out how the wheels could retract, and put that jet prop on it, and after its intial trial went back and redesigned the bottom so that it would steer better than a floating log, and you boated around in water deeper than your head (Remember never to eat anything bigger than your head!) in a fucking automobile. Yes, the military has amphibuous vehicles and have had for years, but you created this "silly" invention with slightly less of a budget, and whole lot more imagination and heart. I tell you man, you are the poor man's Da Vinci, the hermit of Rainier Beach, who did not even contact the media when you first drove Gokwiis into Lake Washington. I think you need to find that sqwacking gear, and fix it, and alert the TV news folks, and take her out again. That kind of human interest stuff is sorely missing in the tube. How much more severe weater, and Iraq sorrow can we stomach? You are so much more interesting than the pedophile, or rapist, or murderer that lives down the block from you. So pat yourself on the back, sir, and get off your depressed and creative posterior, and relaunch Gokwiis in the manner befitting its actual stature. I will assist you. Like your brother-in-law, who prevented you from junking the car, who shot video of the event --I will be there for you. I insist.

1:36 PM  

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