Sunday, July 02, 2006

Seattle Symphony Doomed?

The Seattle Symphony seems to be suffering from a bad case of the Peter Principle. Too many decision makers have been promoted beyond thier level of competence. This is not about overpaid artists, this is about the ability to maintain a happy and motivated work force.Where fear and terror reign, competent, talented, and confident personnel flee, leaving only the arrogant, stupid and bemused.
Due to the drying up of grant monies, the symphony is undergoing stress. One way of dealing with this stress is to panic and start scapegoating, punishing and threatening competent workers for percieved disloyalties. Unfortunately, the Seattle Symphony has chosen this path.
Seattle Symphony employees have been ordered to sign an agreement not to talk to any "outsiders" without permission from human resources. Technically speaking, that is a human rights violation. (Nobody can be asked to sign away thier constitutional right to free speech, no matter how badly they need the job)
The Seattle Symphony is a publically funded non-profit organization.
What have they got to hide?
Unheeded lessons of history show us that this kind of environment often leads to destruction.
Goodbye Bryan, goodbye Bruce, goodbye Patricia, goodbye Paul, goodbye ( ), you are the kind of people who made the Seattle Symphony the success that it is; or was.
There is a lot of good music in Seattle. The Seattle Symphony will be missed, but it is not irreplacable.


Blogger Robin said...

This is a very sad post, but well said and important that it was said. Thank you.

4:36 PM  

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