Sunday, April 16, 2006

Into each rain

It is amazing.
After the dishonorable actions of the seattle symphony cause me to lose not only the only venue I had for my music, but also the main source of my yearly symphonic amusement, another source of food for my musical needs pops up seemingly out of nowhere.
On my way out of benaroya hall, where I had been removed by security, I walked up to the beautiful new Seattle Public Library and found that the Ladies Musical Club presented free concerts there. As it turns out, one of thier musicians was a clarinettist who had done some preliminary on a new piece of mine work for me. I subsequently contacted her and she offered to help me with my score.
Considering that I was tossed out by the seattle symphony for asking a musician if she would comment on my music, this is a pleasant, if slightly ironic turn of events.
It is Easter, a time of rebirth.


Blogger Heron Heard said...

Do you have season tickets to the symphony? Just wondering since it seems to be riddled with discord and fill will...what to do?

10:55 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

I had season tickets, I am no longer allowed in the building.

12:37 PM  

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