Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thursday is the new Wednesday

I have gotten so much bed time this last few weeks, I'm getting to be an expert at sleeping.
Anyway, my composition class is now on Thursday, which explains the title of this blog
It is also an excuse for not only not being funny, but for not even being the least bit interesting.
I'm down town I've had coffee and cookie at Caffe Ladro and I've walked around, yawning and stumbling, not getting inspired at all.

Yawning my way in a half sleep-half awake stupor in which dream and reality mingle which would be nice if the dream part was pleasant in some way or another.
My last memorable dream had to do with my stupid cat having it's head off and me realizing that this time there was nothing I could do to fix it.

I even walked by B'roya hall and didn't feel any animosity.
That's the scary part, I don't mind apathy, I revel in it, I find it exciting, but I do feel it a duty to slam, slander, and snipe at that meaningless wart on the fungal toe of Seattle's musical foot known as the Seattle Symphony.

These sort of things are important for the maintenance of a healthy society.
It's not a right, in other words, to criticise the Gov't, It's your DUTY.

Your choice is either be anti-government or to be anti-American.

Religion is supposed to be controversial, isn't it? I mean the three big noise Rels spend all their time promoting hatred and bloodshed or at least a form of suicide known as "not being in the world"
So how come my favorite (only) religious blogsite never shows any comments in it's comment section?
That site is, by the way,
Why don't we get together and ask that question on their site and see what happens?
Just cut'n'paste this paragraph and post it on their blogsite.

What will happen is nothing, of course, religious people talk TO you, not WITH you.
As if nobody else has ever studied the subject or read the bible or gone to church or is simply older and more experienced at life.

I guess they think they know it all already.

I guess they already know more than God.

Don't think I'm a non-believer.
I believe everything. I believe, for instance, that God can make a stone so heavy that he cannot lift it. And, of course, I believe that he can lift it.
I believe that for every drop of rain that falls, something gets wet.
It's as easy as believing in division by zero, something my computer is incapable of.

I also believe I shall shut up

Happy and prosperous New Year to you all, Especially to you, Ophelia, whoever you may be.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right On!, Lane!
Religious people talk TO others, not WITH others, as you so rightly put it!
The LL agrees here and send (with me) regards to you, Meredith, and Keth.
-- Anonomann

2:10 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Of course we all thought when you were silent on Wednesday, it was because of your downtown time, your class, your routine; but now that we realize that Thursday is the new Wednesday, this data really rocks our world, requiring several kinds of accommodation and adjustment --yet we shall persevere.

You, of course, have always been the "fixer" of broken things, and of new things, and unrecognizable things --so there must be some deep psychological significance to a dream where Polalie has lost his head, and you feel helpless to fix it. I have no idea what that might be, but perhaps you do.

Perhaps also you felt no animosity toward Benaroya this particular day because the dicks that run the place had not sent out their gestapo to harrass you there on the public thoroughfare. If you had not been stuporous you might have snarled, or felt some wave of emotion; disdain, anger, regret, as well as apathy, your mainstay.

As to dissent, let's here it for the dissenters. Without them, the likes of you, we would all roll up in a complacent ball and be kicked around by the powers that be. Wait a minute, doesn't that happen regardless?

Come on, big boy, America without its government, regardless of how shabby, would be the emporer without clothes; a sad sight, a piss poor reality; and unable to impose its will on the rest of heathen inferior weaker world. is the haunt of Miss MP, right? Where she is often mentioned for her ambulation for Jesus, and her virtues extolled? CROSSWALK AMERICA: Where Christian Compassion meets Progressive Action. There is a section called THE ASPHALT GOSPEL, and a book called THE ASPHALT JESUS. Now I hate to burst your biluous bubble there, sir, but in the section labeled CROSSWALK BLOG there are comments aplenty, or postings by what I assume are members, and the old "click for making comments" button on each posting. There are also plenty of "click to donate" buttons too.
So, hey, you lost me once again with your tirade, your rant about
"no comments in their comment section".

You certainly are bang on for the comment about the religious zealots wanting to talk TO you and not WITH you. It is like the arrogance of people who do not really listen to you, because they are already thinking about what gem they are going to say next. I used to be one of those assholes. I am a different kind of asshole now.

To divide by zero is quite the concept, kind of like beating someone with a feather; not too effective or earth shattering. There is much in what you espouse regarding God and rocks and lifting, both ways, both kinds, suggesting the infinite nature of our imagination and the universe; love those multiple overlappind dimensions we share space with.

Yes, and as you fade out for this session of posting, stepping from one ball of spotlight to the other, making your way off camera into the shadows, it is nice that you not only give us a "God Bless", like Durante always did, and Skelton always did, but that you bid Ms. Ophelia good luck, good night, and good riddance, as well as a Happy New Year.

I was hugely disappointed in my reality of blogging out there on FEEL FREE TO READ. I adored the borderline posting headings, where all the titles for that month were listed. I thought that carried over, that when you click on December 2007, you get the list; but hell no. You get the comments, but since I posting umpteen thousand pages and hundreds of comments, most people would abandon the search. The search button works if one remembers a title, or some part of the posting. I wonder if the blog could be "adjusted" to keep the posting titles for each month. Probably not, since your master blog, FFTL, does not have, or list titles when you click on the archive months. Just another damned thing to be upset about.

Tonight I emcee a TFC screening at CSL in Tacoma of MEMENTO. That should be cool.

Here is hoping that your Muse returns, that your energy returns, that your interest in all things musical, cinematic, literary, and philosophic, poetic, and mechanical
re-emerges twice renewed, reborn with vigor, for 2008 is upon us; ready or not.


6:25 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

There are posts on the crosswalk blog site, but hardly any comments
no controversy or even discussion

10:47 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Yes, by jingle, you are so correct, sir. With a second look at the comments blog on, I see you are on to something. There are postings on various moral and philosophical issues, and there are damned few comments, and none of them smack of controversey or dissent or challenge. I guess it will be up to you to do just that, to identify your self as not only a free spirit, but a spiritual person who functions without being in the Jesus Club, without following the mandates, dogma, policies, commandments, and chidings for more funds. We could, also, cut and paste your comments from FFTL, and dump them onto one of the postings.

Matter of a fact, I may try to do that; excuse me while I whip this out...


2:11 PM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Well, I did it. I cut your comments about crosswalkamerica, and put them into the posting, the first one on the blog, TRADITIONS by Merrill@unlimited coffee.

I put Douglas Palmer on the info comments sheet, and this blogsite as the address.

I wonder what kind of a shit storm, or lack of it it will generate?


2:20 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Nothing will happen.
Bet Ya

6:43 PM  

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