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Awright how 'bout a little review of the important happenings of the year past.
Important to this blog anyway.
I assume you've all got newspapers and stuff to check out the year end lists of what was good, bad, and pretty in the real world of '07

Last year was, as I remember when Butch joined the FFTL family of fine philosophers, poets and musicians.
It was also the year of the amusing Davis Wright Tremain/ Seattle Symphony cross purpose letters that could probably be considered some kind of criminal action if one were a picker of nits.

Last year was, or at least should have been when I challenged the Seattle Symphony to a duel.

Which they chickened out on.
Probably realizing that they were not of my social quality.

Year ago I posted some pictures of the snowfall we had about this time of the calendar.
And the Wyoming and Quinault trip pictures.

Maybe not or it could be that '07 was the year that Emily Dickinsen and I started our torrid love affair.

Joshua Bell earned 32 dollars busking.

An amazing leap forward for sub-atomic physics (my discovery of the "God" particle that no-one seems to care about.)

Plus similar earth shaking discoveries on the health front (Dan's arm)

A couple hundred miles of bicycle riding on Fidelio, my 42 year old Peugeot.

Polalie the cat's annual life threatening health event.

A cute little kid's story I wrote was posted last year.

The usual snarky infantile futile SSO drolleries

I quit going to Plymouth church. I dunno I guess I'm just not part of "Humanity" that those kind of people consider worth the tolerance, love and understanding.
Perhaps I haven't killed my quota of non-believers.


I wrote about Ann Cummings' "Inside the music" music and art installation which may happen again so keep your ears peeled.

A poem written by a dog.

Do you remember when I heard that wonderful rendition of the "Queen of the night" aria in the Union street Caffe Ladro? That was somthin'

Seattle Art Museum reopened.
Vastly improved.

I showed you all the cars I built.

Trombone and Tuba concertos were born under your ever watchful eyes.
Not to mention the Tuba and violin duets.
And some of the violin concerto.

Tom Bakers Composers Salon moved from the inadequate soundbridge venue to the magnificent Chapel at Good Shepard Center so now I can participate in that again.
In fact I have gotten confirmation that my violin duet will be on the bill of the next Salon on Jan. 25th
Don't miss it unless you can think of an excuse.

Anyway all the wonders of the new year are contingent opon the good lord being willin', the creeks maintaining optimum flow and, I suppose, sea level not rising too much.

Oh yeah, it's also an election year, so we can all look forward to some new excuses why the world continues to be fueled by screw-ups, why the rich continue to get richer and the poor get shoveled into the social dumpster, and how important military might is to world democracy.



Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

I guess I would be a member of the group, "philosophers and poets". Of course you have always had your posse of compeers and musician friends who like to read your rants and dig your musical compositions and research and concert reviews. That is something you left off your "Best of" list, your concert reviews. They have been valuable and insightful.

It is a fine thing for the SSO that you are not a picker of nits, nor are you vindictive in the legal sense. You probably "had" a legal case against them, and probably should have sued their asses off like that musician did recently. How did that suit go by the way?

Of course no one stepped forward in answer to your challenge for a duel. Cowards do not face down such heroic challenges. They cower, and plot, and fill their britches and their minds with the foulest of feces.

Your pics have all been wonderful. Like Alex Shapiro's blog, it does enhance your statements to go visual on our ass. Alex is off to New York this week. Of course you know that already.

Your road trip pics and descriptions were likewise enrichening and instructive and humorous as hell; which is after all the primary function of FFTL.

I think it was late 2006 that you realized you had romanced Emily in one of your past lives, and you had the overwhelming urge to profess that love in this one.

I am still dazzled and confused by your metaphysical meandering when it came to the "God" particle. I am frankly surprised that Scientific American or the New Repulic or the Smithsonian mag did not pick up the article, or the notion, and run with it; well, perhaps Popular Mechanics or Rolling Stone would have been more appropo.

You and the 42 year old Fidelio must be coming up on the magic 1000 mile record soon. I still think that you should match your mettle against some younger punks in a real bike race, some one of the marathons.

The mad adventures of Polalie came up in FFTL 3 or 4 times. He is one cunning puss, and that is saying something considering what has happened to him.

I wonder if they noticed your absence at the Plymouth Church? Maybe you should start attending the Dodge church, or the Toyota Temple. They might be be more interested in fellowship, and less interested in sordid soul saving bullshit.Asfor the elimination of the Infidels, you slay them with levity, and wit, and cleverness; it's just that most of them are too damned stupid to realize it.

Actually you featured several poems written by dog poets if you recall; quite the literary event.

The review of all the cars you built certainly took some of us down memory lane; several times; living monuments to your genius, or lack of it; your tenacity, your engineering skills, your hopes and dreams; steel embodiments that serve as metal sculptures, and probably at least GOKWIIS should be on permanent display outside the Seattle Art Museum; probably.

Of course 2008 will be a year blessed by more of your compositions, right? January 25th is yet another one of my medical treatment days, which will make it difficult for me to attend your violin duet. Have the musicians confirmed their participation?

I am really conflicted as to whether I want a woman or a black man as President. Although I doubt that they both will come up to the ticket together; even though that would be cool as hell if it happened. Is America ready for a change? I doubt it. Will America get out of Iraq, and rush into Iran; maybe, probably, could be, might be.

Melva is feeling much better having beat the virus. She and our daughters, and I, went to dinner and a movie (THE KITE RUNNER) yesterday, followed up with a stirring game of canasta.


8:00 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Hey Dougie:

I just finished doing a piece on poet/novelist drunk genius Charles Bukowski for FFTR. He had a great few lines in one of his poems; worthy of repeating:


Music has an expansive
and endless flow
of ungodly

Writers are confined
to the limits of sight and feeling
upon the pages,
while musicians leap
into unrestricted immensity.

Thanks again, old friend, for providing me with a forum for my thoughts, and a place to hang my literary hat for a time. My God, in December 2006, I posted 297 things onto it. It would take a fast reader several days to wade through it. Of course, that is the general idea; since the title of the blog is FEEL FREE TO READ, right?


P.S.: Knowing that Alex is in New York makes me miss her already, even though she will be back in a few days. Her website, NOTES FROM THE KELP, which you have a delicious link to right here on FFTL, is always a calming part of my day; mellows me out. I love the smell of kelp in the morning.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Doug:

You rekindled our romance in November 2006. How could you possibly have forgotten that? But I forgive you. We both know that with your musical composing, and household chores, and long bike rides, and forays into other people's literature and poetry (especially that dark horse friend of yours; Butch) --all this flurry of activity leaves you depleated and fatigued at times.

It is so wonderful to hear that your violin duet will find its way (finally) to the public eardrum. As I stated before. I will attend. I am so excited for you.

Love: Emily

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right On!, again, Lane:
Better to spend time at the keyboard/computer than in a church (a big waste ofd time when not there for a concert!!)!!

2:14 AM  

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