Monday, June 04, 2007

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  • Ann Cummings

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Who is Ann Cummings, and what us the address of her website??
    -- AND why should one "visit" that site??????
    If she is a classical pianist, is she trying for "product differentiation" (as we past and present marketing professors call it, with her devilish costume rather than what most concert pianists wear??
    Margrit ushered last night at a concert at the Staatstheater where the soloisr played the Grieg a minor one and the audience loved it, she said; also on the program: Beethoven's 5th (not again!!).
    -- Anonomann.

    5:37 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    rqSince your blogs are in reverse chronological order, I had not yet read your 3 June one when I wrote the above. Your 3 June piece answers some of my questions, but not how do I find her blogsite or website???? Knowing she's a classical pianist, I'm interested; I like her "product differentiation" packaging idea!!!

    Two things re: your Trombone Concerto:
    1) Blatter's book on "Instrumentation and Orchestration" that Margrit wanted me to order as one of her "thank you" gifts for your kind agreement to let her stay for the two weeks at the Means-Palmer House, arrived last Friday (1 June), so I'll bring it (and a few pther things (shower head and line, a towel set for her to use, and bedding for her bed) sometime before I leave for two weeks in Schwerin with her (on 12 June I fly out); hopefully Blatter might help you orchestrate; Sam Jones uses it as his "bible".
    2) Do you remember Kellyn Haley, who also had more than enough of Ms. Gutters (in English)?? Kellyn is a trombonist; she might be interested in trying out your trombone part (and wouldn't complain to the SSO of harassment if you were to ask her, as she flew out of the Cuckucksnest and now is the administratrix of the Olympic Music Festival (whose office is in Seattle).

    The Grieg concerto I referred to is not "a minor concerto", but is in the key of a minor.

    5:54 PM  
    Blogger Lane Savant said...

    Anonomann, just push the blue "Ann Cummings" button below the picture

    8:30 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I did get her site that way and learned the procedure to getting this sort of thing. Hope to attend a concert of your and her music someday soon!!
    -- Anonomann

    6:08 PM  

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