Friday, June 01, 2007

Intellectual voyagers

While editing my bookmark list, I came across a site that I almost forgot.
It's called Crumbs of the Mind,a potpourri of intellectual fragrances.
I linked it.
  • Crumbs of the mind

    Blogger butch said...

    A very interesting site. I loved the haiku. Like this one;

    S Q U I R R E L
    by Karyn S. Huntting

    summer breeze
    sways the laceleaf maple branch—
    squirrel covers his nuts

    And there were some interesting bits of poetry like:


    by Karyn S. Huntting

    And also:


    By Nathan Hays

    In all the world are strewn the litter of burning mind,
    Scraps of journals torn in desperate hope to find,
    A glimpse of Hermes' tablet, the jigsaw's missing piece,
    The Word was lost so long ago, no one rests in peace.

    "I found it!" proclaims the prophet who waves a patchwork page,
    "It lives!" declares the scientist leashed to monster's rage,
    "Eureka!" cries the thinker, his logic a world entire,
    "My God," assures the pious who forsakes his true desire.

    Each in turn will falter if ever they pause to see,
    No key they have, no passport, no chalice to set them free,
    For once they cage the candle, the light will fade away,
    Their charred remains will fill the wasteland that will stay.

    Follow not the guides whose flocks are led astray,
    Only from within you will be found the truest way

    from this vantage point,
    in my thoughts alone i venture out,
    walking silently along the parapet wall,
    running my hand along its wet roughness
    in the beginning twilight.

    beyond, lights glow and flicker in reds and blues,
    and music rises and climbs to meet me on the hillside,
    a strained, haunting version of its harmonious city self.

    nothing passes the barrier of this aging stone wall
    that is not but a shell of itself, a copy of life,
    a haunting of time gone by though still in view,
    as a long-dead star shining hollow in the night.

    as twilight ebbs and dies,
    i venture now from my thoughts
    and still in them rise, self joining my contemplations
    on the thief of time, and on this barrier stay as stone
    as lying stars appear in time in black skies.

    lying as staid stars, i stay and steal time
    over that which has stolen so much from me.

    So thanks for the link, Dougie. I feel so enriched.


    12:05 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    About an un-intelligent intruder who somehow used my name to set up a blog-site: how can one get rid of it so I won't be charged with whatever nonsense got/ will-get on it. It is called "musik-freak"; I am "Anonomann"!

    5:38 PM  

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