Friday, July 13, 2007

All things in

Moderation is a good thing, grab as much as you can.

I have added comment moderation to this site.
This is not for the pourpose of censorship, but so I can get notice of comments made on archived comments.
Also, I can trim some redundancies, as when a comment gets entered more than once.
Maybe a little censorship.
My rules about naughty words are for me, I want to challenge myself to come up with more creative ways of expression.
You can say what you wand (or want, for that matter. Wave your wand how you will)
I realize that sometimes ************ is the only proper word for what's being described, but euphemisms are amusing, puns by nature, a sort of "hipness test"
You jellyrollers know what I mean, the rest can ask.

My flag is not afraid of fire and my god is not afraid of disbelief.



Blogger butch said...


Like most blogs and websites, I guess sooner or later you are getting the wing nuts of humanity, the smut lords, and scatalogical queens endeavoring to "spice" up your site.

In my case, once in while, I do end up double-pasting some of my comments and research. But it is good to have some kind of editorial power over the site. It is yours after all.

Wow, what an ending sentence!
"My flag is not afraid of fire, and my god is not afraid of disbelief." Is this your own stuff, or is it a borrowed bit of prose and wisdom. I like it regardless.


7:59 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

I made it up

11:48 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Well, it is wordsmithing to the third level, sir. I suppose you could add to that. "My ego does not shirk from criticism, and my music is not fearful of listeners, and my hands have never feared work, albeit sometimes they have not loved it, and my intelligence does not fear competition, although I never seek it out, and my gun is always cocked and loaded, although I am very careful as to where I point it, and my wings are covered with fire retardant, and fold up nicely under my trenchcoat, and my eyes see wonderfully in the darkness, peering through dishonesty, disbelief, digust, facism, dog shit, and maple leaves, and lastly my tongue is not afraid of the truth, even if my ears receive it first and it describes me."

I agree with Bubba and Steve, you see, your blog is boss.


1:54 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Wow, i sound like one hell of a guy, I'd like to meet me some time.

11:57 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Hey, I just took 8 minutes and listened to your four pieces of music links. The NIGHTMARE PRELUDE was a bit too bizarre for me. It was a bit too atonal and brittle for me,but it did give me the shivvers. SAD SONG sure as hell depressed me and made me sad, so I guess it resonated with whatever you were searching for. I have already commented on TUBATUBA previously. My favorite, and by far your best work in the TROMBONE CONCERTO EXCERPTS. It is rich, lush with changes, and fleshed out with full instrumentation. I listened to it several times and heard different things each time. You are on the right track with this one, sir. It put me in mind of using you when I finally get around to putting together a piece of film. Can you compose any kind of music you want? My favorite kind of theme music is the slide guitar work of Ry Cooder. But your full instrumentation does conjure up a multiplicity of imagery. I'm sure that as a music dunce I am probably talking out of my rectum, but as an average listener, just a random pair of ears out here, I was hot to share my feelings.


5:44 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

I'll send you a CD of the whole thing.

10:22 AM  

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